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Choosing Speaker Gifts

As someone who has selected speaker gifts for over 30 years, I find this subject interesting and one on which I have some very strong opinions. Because I am the wife of a professional speaker, I have firsthand experience in seeing some of these gifts. To help you think through this, here are some questions to consider.


In today’s connected world, we have a fear of missing out on news and updates. But if you really want to enjoy your vacation and family, get unplugged for a few days – you won’t regret it and you won’t miss out on important life experiences.

Where are You Finding Your Great Ideas?

New Ideas. Great Ideas. Innovation. Are you learning something new each day? Suggesting different ways of doing things? What about reading a magazine you usually don’t read? Go somewhere you have never been. Talk to someone who is not like you.

Emphasizing Professional Development

At a recent CEO session, the subject of younger staff not understanding the association profession came up. Many people are hired by an association to do a specific job but they don’t really understand what an association is or how their job could fit into a career path in association management.

The Importance of Team Building

Maybe it was the recent finale of The Office and their many office adventures, but I got to thinking of what fun or different ways there are to interact with your coworkers and take a break from your desk. I find the discussion on team building to be interesting and sometimes a bit frustrating.

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