CEO Strategies

Building Your Innovation Capacity

Pre-Conference Workshop
Sunday, September 11, 2016
9:00 am - 1:00 pm (includes breakfast and lunch)

Hyatt Riverwalk San Antonio (Conference Hotel)
123 Losoya Street, San Antonio, Texas, 78205 (map)

CAE Hours: 3

$45 if registered for full conference
$85 if not registered for full conference

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About the program

Innovation is not a one size fits all model. Simply adopting another organization’s innovation approach will rarely result in success.  So, how do you do it? How do you help people innovate – to do the work that generates new ideas, opportunities and ultimately value for your members and other stakeholders?

Simply telling people to be more creative or suggest new ideas won’t make your organization more innovative.  Innovation happens by design.  It requires designing and communicating an approach that meets your organization needs, resources and opportunities.  Innovation requires a leader who can:

  • Create organization alignment around innovation – what it is and why it is critical for your organization.
  • Build an environment where people are willing and able to collaborate and do the work required.
  • Develop space where people actively explore, learn and try new ideas.

Working with peers you will explore how to create the innovation alignment, conditions and space that position your organization to innovate and generate new value for your members.

You’ll leave with an understanding of the key components for building an organization capable of innovating and techniques and tips to implement your innovation plan.

About the Speaker

Jennifer Blenkle
Founder, Frameworks

Jennifer leads Frameworks, a consulting agency dedicated to helping nonprofit and association professionals achieve their organization’s goals.  Her expertise in innovation strategy, organizational effectiveness, nonprofit leadership and stakeholder engagement was gained through extensive association leadership experience, including serving as the Vice President of Research and Innovation at the Industrial Research Institute and Vice President of Innovation and New Product Development at ASAE.  She has been called upon by CalSAE, the American Chemical Society, ASAE Great Ideas and Annual Meeting, MENG (Marketing Executives Network Group) and PASAE for highly-rated speaking and learning facilitation experiences.

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