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Six Ways to Improve Panel Presentations

Unfortunately, most education panels I’ve seen rarely meet, let alone exceed expectations. At conferences, I have begun avoiding panels because they are not well run and I find I don’t get much useful information. So why do these panel presentations receive poor reviews and fail? A lot of it has to do with the moderator.

Recruiting Volunteers

I recently received a personal email from a nonprofit for which I volunteer. It was a rambling letter and after I read it, I could not figure out what they were asking me to do – either serve on a committee or attend an afternoon “get to know us” event. In our roles at associations, we need to constantly review how we are recruiting volunteers.

Vocal Fry and Communication Skills

Last year I started noticing a new speaking trait by some radio and TV reporters. It was irritating to me and I mentioned it to several people but no one had noticed anything unusual. Then last fall, Faith Salie from CBS Sunday Morning had a special segment on exactly the phenomena. And it had a name: Vocal Fry.

The Future of Membership Dues and Categories?

Last week I attended a meeting of my peers who are outside of Texas. The other Executive Directors of state Society of Association Executives (the Alliance) get together twice a year to plan our collaborative work and share ideas. There was one common theme this year: membership dues and categories.

Creating a Roadmap through Performance Evaluations

The month of December is usually performance evaluation time here at TSAE. I conduct the annual evaluations for our staff while the board evaluates my performance. I’ve had a lot of conversations about performance reviews with other association executives, and I am surprised when CEOs tell me that they don’t get evaluations from their board.

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