Association Insights

Get insight into what is happening at TSAE and in the association industry with regular updates from the TSAE President or Board Chairman.

Effective Board Governance

I get a lot of phone calls from association professionals that deal with board issues. This is one area that will make or break an association professional. Ensuring that your structure is strong and well thought out, that everyone knows their job and role, and understanding how to work with your Board are all parts of effective governance.

Is Teleworking Right for Your Association?

Telecommuting. Teleworking. Working remotely. Many organizations have been discussing this for years, but the recent announcement Yahoo won’t allow it anymore brought it back to the forefront. While some associations allow teleworking, I know a lot don't. I continue to hear from members who would like that option at their workplace. (April 1, 2013)

Examining Your Board Structure

Each month I hear concerns from members – they are having trouble finding people to serve on their board. Or they have members who refuse to get off the board and have served 10+ years. Or, younger people are not allowed to serve on the board. All these concerns are indicators that your governance structure may not be working well. (March 6, 2013)

Welcome to Association Insights

For the past year the staff has heard my weekly comment of “I could be writing about this” when I learn something new or hear about what association professionals are dealing with. Well, be careful what you wish for! With the unveiling of our new website, I will begin posting my industry observations on a regular basis.

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