Women Rockstars Needed

January 13, 2022

Submit Panel Questionnaire 
Review the panel session descriptions below and see if you could be a rockstar panelist at the 2022 Women's Summit scheduled for February 16-17 in Plano. All panelists are selected by the TSAE Women's Summit Task Force. All speakers receive complimentary registrations. 

Creating Inclusive and Empowering Organizations 

There is no road map or one size fits all solution for nurturing a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). You may adopt new policies or create a committee that steers the DEI progress, but what does that really mean? Join our panel who will share their DEI vision, insights into what really creates an inclusive work environment and things you can do to support an empowering environment which marginalizes inequities in the workplace. 
Panelist Questionnaire: 
1. What does an inclusive work environment look like to you? 
2. What are two important and practical steps organizations need to make to promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from your experience? Why? 
3. Why should an organization prioritize or champion DEI?
4. What do you do to make sure that your DEI initiatives go beyond checking the boxes?
Growing Women Leaders 
As experienced leaders, how do you create a pipeline to develop women professionals as extraordinary leaders of organizations and industries? As a rising leader, how do you set yourself apart while developing the hard and soft skills necessary to move into the C-Suite or your preferred position? Join our panel as they share their unique experiences as mentors and mentees, both formally and informally, and discover ways you can nourish your peers and direct reports as they flourish into knowledgeable, confident professionals. 
Panelist Questionnaire: 
1. What is one challenge or barrier for women in leadership? Have you ever experienced a challenge? What was it?
2. What are two steps leaders can take to identify future leaders and groom rising leaders? 
3. As strong women, we often feel a duty to reach out to those behind us and encourage them. How do you like to do this?
4. Were you encouraged or mentored by a colleague? How and what impact did it have on your career goals? 
5. How did you prepare to move into the position you are currently in? How did you strengthen skills you found challenging to master? 
6. How do you navigate the tight rope between being a leader and being bossy? being strong and being aggressive?
Finding Resilience and Fighting Burnout 

The impact of Covid-19, riding the rollercoaster of uncertainty and the continued social and political divisiveness has created strains in our public systems, day-to-day lives, and the workforce. These challenges have resulted in increased stress, unclear expectations, and frustration. How are you coping? What strategies have you adopted to keep yourself, your family, your team, or your organization focused and positive? What have you done to overcome the negative feelings we’ve all had at some point these two years? Join our panel for an honest and frank conversation as they share their insights and valuable advice. 
Panelist Questionnaire: 
1. How do you think our current atmosphere is impacting the workforce in general, your organization or team? What have you seen? 
2. Generally, what challenges are you experiencing due to the current pressures? Are you experiencing burn out? 
3. What are two practices organizations can adopt to help staff morale? 
4. How have you learned to become comfortable with uncertainty?
5. What are you doing to improve/maintain your mental, emotional, and physical health? 
6. What are you doing to keep yourself positive, focused and moving forward? 

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