2024 Women’s Summit: Call for Panelists

November 08, 2023

2024 Call for Women's Summit Panelists

The Women’s Summit Planning Task Force is seeking participants for panel discussions that show experience in one of the outlined topics below and bring valuable discussion and insights to the forum.

Panelists may be any professional, member or non-member and will receive a complimentary registration to the 2024 Summit in Frisco, TX on February 13-14, 2024.

To submit interest in serving on a panel:
  • Review the session descriptions and questions
  • Prepare your responses. 2-3 sentences minimally requested for each question
  • Click the button below to Submit

Submit Here

Deadline: Thursday, November 30, 2023

Overcoming Barriers to Senior Leadership Positions

Join our panel for a lively discussion about stepping up into a new role. The session will be led by a panel of experienced professionals who have successfully navigated the challenges of career advancement. This session will explore how to leverage your experience and knowledge to step up into new role, how to navigate the obstacles to moving into an elevated role and continue to develop the skills needed to be a successful leader.

  • How can someone leverage their experience and knowledge to step up into a new role?
  • What do you feel is the #1 obstacle to securing senior leadership positions and how have you overcome it?
  • How did you successfully overcome a major barrier to a senior leadership position?
  • How do you know you’re ready to move into a leadership position?
  • What are the skills needed to be in a senior leadership position?
Building Confidence and Assertiveness

Becoming a confident leader takes experience and resilience. Join a panel of your peers as they discuss how they build and maintain their confidence. The panel will also explore the negative perceptions of confident women in leadership. They will also discuss how to express your thoughts and opinions effectively by balancing direct communication and consideration to others.

  • How can women demonstrate confidence and assertiveness without being considered negatively?
  • How do you build your confidence when you might be feeling demoralized or unmotivated?
  • How can you better manage overthinking?
  • What was a conversation you can remember when you had to stretch your assertiveness? What was the result?
Disagreeing with civility and kindness: How to Create a Culture of Kindness with Your Board, Staff, & Volunteers

This session will focus on how to create a culture of kindness and civility at your organization, even when faced with disagreements. We will discuss key strategies for promoting civility, as well as specific examples of how organizations have successfully created a culture of kindness. We will also address the challenge of dealing with influential individuals who may not be on board with your efforts and discuss how to handle sticky situations that require extra kindness.

  • What are a few things we can do to promote civility in a disagreement?
  • How do you pivot if there are influential board members/staff/volunteers who do not go along with your plan, project, etc.?
  • What situations do you view as the most "sticky" requiring extra efforts of kindness?
  • What does a productive/positive disagreement look like?

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