2023 Meetings Profile is Here!

November 10, 2023

The 2023 TSAE Meetings Profile showcases information collected from over 35 associations headquartered in Texas, making it a comprehensive resource for anyone involved in the industry.

Unlock the Potential: this study delves deep into the meeting and event specifications of these diverse associations. By accessing this resource, you will gain a competitive edge and the ability to tailor your offerings to meet their unique requirements.


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What's Inside?

  • Detailed event information on 38 Associations
  • Annual Conferences/Seminars/Workshops/Board Meetings
  • Room Availability on Peak Nights
  • Total Room Nights
  • Minimum Food & Beverage Requirements
  • Required Exhibit Space
  • Data from 2021 - 2027
  • Meeting Planner Contact Person & Information
Stay Ahead in Meetings & Convention Sales
Empower Yourself and Your Business
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TSAE request that purchasers do not share data with organizations or individuals beyond the purchasing company. In addition to a valuable resource for the industry, the Meetings Profile is an important source of non-dues revenue for TSAE and by purchasing this report your organization is helping support TSAE’s mission.

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