Southwest Showcase

From 2001-2014, TSAE served as the event manager and a partner (along with MPI-THCC and IAEE-CTC) of Southwest Showcase.

With any long-term program, constant evaluation and assessment is necessary. Over the past few years, the TSAE Board had been reviewing statistics, evaluations and trends from this event and given a lot of thought to the value the program brings to our members. With that in mind, the Board has made the decision to end TSAE’s participation in Southwest Showcase following the 2014 event.

The TSAE Board and staff are exploring options for a new educational and networking opportunity to begin in 2015 for education and meeting professionals as well as the hospitality and events sector. We are excited about creating a new event that will better meet the needs of our members and we will announce details as soon as possible.

We thank you for your support of TSAE and look forward to a new value-added program in 2015.