CEO Breakfast: CEO Confessions

October 9, 2018, 09:00 am – 11:30 am

As part of CEO Strategies, sponsored by Visit Forth Worth, we are excited to introduce two new CEO Breakfasts in 2018. Start your day connecting with fellow association leaders and hearing executive-level information essential for your association's success. 

We’ve all made them—missteps, fumbles, errors—you know, mistakes. It’s easy to think of them as chinks in a CEO’s armor, but mistakes are pivot points that can lead to insight and opportunity. Join us for this highly-engaging program as your colleagues fess up to some of their most momentous blunders. Our panel of seasoned association CEOs will turn the mistakes/errors into teachable moments so you won’t have to repeat them, and the mistakes made will not be for naught. 

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