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Everyone Has a Story

JT McCormick
JT McCormick is a successful CEO, but that’s not where he started. He started as the son of a pimp and an orphan. JT McCormick knows what it’s like to have a story that you’re itching to tell the world. He knows how overwhelming that urge can be and how it’s all too easy to convince yourself that your story is not worth telling. More than anything, he knows that you’re wrong. Everyone has a story that could positively impact the lives of others. As a sought-after keynote speaker, he shares his story with audiences around the world. As the CEO of Scribe, he helps others do the same. Raised in the worst part of Dayton, OH, he spent his childhood bouncing from home to home, in and out of juvenile detention centers, and was even homeless for a time. He was neglected, starved, and sexually abused as a child.

Innovate! Generate! Accelerate!
Inspiring Yourself and Others to New Heights of Innovation and Creative Problem Solving

Linda Larsen
In business today, we cannot rely on past successes to keep us going. We must be continually thinking ahead, and in different and more creative ways.  In this session, attendees learn how to inspire individuals, teams (and themselves, if necessary!) to new heights of productivity by challenging old assumptions and shifting perspectives.  This presentation gives people the five essential tools they need to break out of their comfortable little boxes, be undaunted by change and disruption and be exponentially more creative. Interactive, fun and revealing!


Live Life ALL IN!

Gian Paul Gonzalez
Many have been inspired to change the way they live their lives while hearing Gian Paul Gonzalez inspire and challenge them to Live Life ALL IN! Gian Paul shares stories from his own life and the lives of others to remind the audience of the Keys to Resiliency, Health Habits, and Consistent Daily Pursuit of Long Term Dreams, Goals, and Strategic Initiatives. Gian Paul encourages individuals to start with their Personal Life and a commitment to wake up each day making the most of the opportunities in front of them and that these changes personally will translate to Professional Habits and achievement of goals that previously they may have been scared to pursue or previously did not believe could be achieved. One of the lasting memories audiences is the clear visual and interactive depictions of the Obstacles that most of us struggle to Live Life Fully Committed to the things we care about most. If you need encouragement, if you are looking for inspiration - Gian Paul's ALL IN conversation should not be missed!

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