Interim Executive Director Placement

Whether a vacancy in leadership is created by an unexpected departure or the executive director search is proving more challenging than expected, one of the worst decisions a Board can make is rushing a search or promoting an unqualified staff member to just to fill the position.

Our Interim Executive Director program gives you the peace of mind that your association’s day-to-day operations are being executed so that you have the time you need to make the right decision for your permanent hire.  

To learn more or request a proposal, contact Aaron Hernandez at 512-444-1974.

Why consider placing an interim at your organization?

  • You have an unexpected Executive Director departure and you do not have the experience on staff to manage the association in the interim.
  • You want to assess and/or stabilize operations before placing a permanent hire.
  • You will be replacing a long-term executive or "Founder" and need time to conduct a thorough process to assure smooth transition.   
  • You have major upcoming events or projects requiring an experienced executive who can oversee deliverables and manage staff. 

Our expert services includes:

  • Assessment of association needs, priorities and role of interim.
  • Access to qualified former Executive Directors vetted by TSAE, screening of candidates and arrangement of interviews.
  • Objective written assessment from the Interim Executive Director on the strengths and challenges of the organization observed during their placement.

Note: We request a three (3) month minimum for all interim placements.

Cost: Call TSAE at 512-444-1974 or email for more information.

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