Executive Search and Consulting Services

Whether navigating the challenges that come with a change in leadership or focusing your board on planning for the future, TSAE’s extensive association experience and knowledge of best practices can help move your association forward with a strategic approach.

Our executive search and consulting services are scalable and competitively priced so they fit your organization’s goals and budget. 

We customize our solutions to fit your association’s needs for:

Strategic Planning and Board Facilitation

Does your association have an up-to-date roadmap and vision for the organization? When volunteers join your board, are they getting the proper training on their role and responsibilities? Our expert staff and faculty can help you improve your association’s overall performance and governance with targeted strategic planning and board development services addressing your specific needs. Learn more about Strategic Planning and Board Facilitation.

Organizational Assessments

Coming soon

Interim Executive Director Placement

One of the worst decisions a Board can make is rushing a search or promoting an unqualified staff member just to fill an unexpected change in leadership. With our Interim Executive Director program, we give you the time you need to make the right decision by placing an experienced executive who can lead your association during a challenging time of transition. Learn more about Interim Executive Director Placement

Executive Director Search

Finding a new Executive Director is one of the biggest responsibilities your board may ever face. We offer three levels of search assistance, each customized to your budget and needs. We will take the time to work with your search committee to identify exactly what type of leadership your association needs (association experience or industry expert), help you write and post a description, screen candidates and provide guidance throughout the interview and selection process. With our help, you can hire with confidence. Learn more about Executive Director Search

Interested in learning more or receiving a proposal? Contact Aaron Hernandez at 512-444-1974.