Compensation Survey

NEW! Real-Time Compensation & Benchmarking Tool

Gain access to the only 24/7/365 online compensation benchmarking tool designed exclusively for executives of professional, trade and service-centric associations and nonprofits.

  • Compare your organization's key operational metrics to others across the industry
  • Evaluate valuable KPI's, including salaries, benefits, positions/departments, and more
  • Generate customized reports to inform decisions and keep your organization competitive

TSAE is partnering with the Association Societies Alliance (ASA) to provide a Real-Time Compensation Benchmarking tool for associations. By extension of TSAE's membership with ASA, the Real-Time Compensation Benchmarking tool is available to all TSAE members.

The rate for members of state, local and regional societies of association executives (SAEs), including TSAE, to subscribe is $149. Non-member rate is $299.

How Do I Get Started?

1. Review Users Guide to view illustrated descriptions on how to enter data, view question comparisons and run dynamic reports.

2. Sign up as a new user and complete the data entry process. Estimated data entry time 10-15 minutes.

New Users

3. Login to your Real-Time Compensation & Benchmarking account 365/24/7 to download reports, manage your account and update data at any time.

Returning Users

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