Call for Women’s Summit Panelists

November 18, 2022

To submit interest in serving on a panel:

Deadline: Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Panelists will receive a complimentary registration to the 2023 Summit in College Station.


Strategies for Retaining Talent and Curbing Quiet Quitting

The workforce is still feeling impacts of pandemic and the challenges it created for organizations. Teams continue to struggle with burnout, demoralized staff at a time that demands precision, efficiency, and grace. How is your organization facing these challenges to support a work culture that identifies talent, maintains loyal employees, and is productive? Join us for this panel discussion!

Survey Questions 

  • How is your organization influencing workplace culture?
  • What strategies are you using in hiring and vetting applicants?
  • How are you addressing burnout at your organization?
  • What is quiet quitting?
  • What makes you the best person to be part of this discussion?


Motivating Hybrid Teams

The way we connect at work has changed. Organizations have adjusted to include higher levels of flexibility in staffing schedules, working from home, and other benefits, but has it changed the team synergy, the way we collaborate and tap into our creativity?  Join this panel as they share how they continue to embrace a new workplace paradigm and still manage to develop a cohesive team.  

Survey Questions

  • What are the challenges of having a dispersed team?
  • How does your team stay connected? How do you collaborate? How do you get creative?
  • How do you on-board staff in a way where they feel connected and builds trust with others?
  • What does an optimal hybrid team look like?
  • What makes you the best person to be part of this discussion?


Resilience and Grace in a Time of Tension and Anxiety

We are seeing an elevated level of tension in the world. While many factors have led to current atmosphere, studies continue to highlight the impacts of the pandemic on our behavior, personalities, and priorities. There are also heightened political, social and industry pressures. How have you dealt with the intensity of today in and out of the office? What centers you and provides you motivation and the resilience to move forward? Join this panel discussion and share how you have worked through the challenges of today.

Survey Questions

  • How are you maintaining balance and consistency between the challenges of work and in your personal life?
  • How do you respond to issues either within or outside of your organization that divide your membership?
  • What strategies have you used to maneuver through the challenges of being pulled in different directions when there are competing priorities?
  • How are you keeping yourself inspired?
  • How are you keeping yourself and your co-workers positive when working with the membership?
  • What makes you the best person to be part of this discussion?


Doing More with Less

Associations have always done more with less, but with staff shortage challenges, budget limitations and an increase in the cost of most goods and products, doing more with less is creating steeper challenges for organizations, leaders, and teams. How has your organization reevaluated benefits and events with this landscape? How have you adjusted products, services, and events? How are your restructuring your team, identifying priorities to keep the organization lean and effective? Join this panel discussion!

Survey Questions

  • How are you strategizing for lack of staff or positions that have a high turnover rate?
  • Have you cut programs and services? What processes or factors lead you to this decision?
  • What is your budgeting process? How has it changed post pandemic?
  • What has changed about the experience at your meetings and events post pandemic?
  • What makes you the best person to be part of this discussion?

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