ASAE’s Community Sign-on Letter

December 01, 2022

You can help make a difference in Washington! Help show federal policymakers the importance of associations by adding your organization to ASAE's Community Sign-On Letter.

The letter provides evidence-based declarations of our community’s positive impact on America:

  • Associations Help Create and Protect Jobs
  • Associations Educate, Train and Certify the Workforce
  • Associations Conduct Events that Produce Significant Economic Activity
  • Associations Set Product, Service and Safety Standards
  • Associations Provide Essential Technical and Subject-Matter Expertise
  • Associations Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


To Add Your Organization, Click Here

Why do we need a ASAE's Power of Associations community sign-on letter?

Policymakers mischaracterized our community and excluded associations from major financial relief programs during the pandemic’s first year in 2020. As a result, almost 9,000 associations and allied organizations joined together on three sign-on letters, which helped demonstrate to Congress that associations support our economy and society. Congress, in turn, allowed most associations to access critically needed financial relief in 2021.

We must remain vigilant and continue to share the Power of Associations with “each policymaker in America” to ensure we are not again mislabeled—to showcase our “deep-rooted and wide-ranging benefits to our nation.”

Read the Sign-On Letter

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