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Robbie GeerTara Artho


TEXAS Grain & Feed Association

TSAE Member Since 2013

What We Do

Texas Grain & Feed Association has more than 400 member firms that represent virtually every facet of the grain and feed industry. From country elevators and retail feed stores to the export elevator and large integrated and commercial feed manufacturers, TGFA members are an integral part of the agriculture industry in Texas. The diverse membership strengthens our voice, which is represented in nearly every legislative district in Texas. TGFA provides an environment that promotes both social and professional interaction and fellowship, resulting in lifetime memberships and life long bonds.

Number of Members


Annual Operating Budget


Staff Size


Years in Association Management

2 years

How I Got Into Association Management

I am originally from the Texas Panhandle, I grew up on a farm outside of Wildorado. I graduated with a Radio, TV & Film degree from the University of North Texas in 2007. Following college I worked in production for a cluster of radio stations in Dallas, as well as a traffic anchor for several years. In September 2013 I decided to broaden my horizons and joined TGFA as the Director of Communications & Public Relations. In June of this year our Executive Director, Ben Boerner, passed away and I was promoted to President/CEO.

What I Like About My Job

I love that I am constantly learning something new, and always meeting new people!

My Biggest Challenge

Since I am new to this position, I would say my biggest challenge is having all the answers. I am learning a ton everyday, but there is still so much information relating to our industry that I have not been exposed to. Trying to LEARN and DO at the same time leaves room for errors. Trying to trouble shoot those errors before I make them is difficult! Luckily it was a priority for Ben to get me into Leadership TSAE last year. That was an AMAZING experience. I didn’t think I would be using some of the information quite as quickly as I did, but it turned out to be incredible timing for me.

What I Am Most Proud of at Our Association

I am most proud of our members. They have an amazing work ethic, and bring traditional family values to work with them. Honesty and hard work go a long way, and it makes my job a LOT easier when those are the type of people you get to work with on a daily basis.

Favorite TSAE Event

LOVE the New Ideas Conference! It was the very fist thing Ben asked me to come to when I was hired. I was actually only exposed to the association world for one month when I attended. It was such a great experience for me. The amount of information I got in just one conference was incredible. Because of that as soon as I hired my replacement, and only other staff member, I told her to pack her bags because we were going to Corpus Christi! …she had only been hired for two whole days before I got her on the plane.

What I Want to Learn From Other TSAE Members

I am interested to learn how other offices are run. What software programs they are using and how they are using technology to be more efficient. Since there are only two of us we do not have the luxury of “taking our sweet time”!

How TSAE Has Helped Me

Every step of the way TSAE has offered me help and education. From when I was first hired and knew nothing of the association life, to now as a leader of my organization. No matter what questions I have I know there is someone at TSAE with an answer, or an experience to share. This last summer was a very challenging time for our association, and me in particular, but with the help of Beth Brooks and Aaron Hernandez I have somehow navigated through it. We are not in the home stretch just yet, but I know I would not be where I am today without TSAE.

Tara may be reached at

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