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Robbie GeerNoELLE Parsons

Specialist, Trustee and Development Administration

Texas Healthcare Trustees (and the Texas Hospital Association Foundation)

TSAE Member Since 2014

What We Do

I work for both Texas Healthcare Trustees and the Texas Hospital Association Foundation, which often completely confuses those outside of the organization. Texas Healthcare Trustees is a nonprofit affiliate of the Texas Hospital Association that aims to help hospital board members with the governance of their hospitals, while the Texas Hospital Association Foundation is a subsidiary of the Texas Hospital Association that works in education, development, and clinical initiatives. Both companies work in educating and helping members, so our CEO, Stacy Cantu, runs both organizations and all of us work in some capacity for both.

Number of Members

Texas Healthcare Trustees has over 4,000 trustees as members.

Annual Operating Budget

Texas Healthcare Trustees operates on approximately a $1 million budget.

Staff Size


Years in Association Management

2 years

How I Got Into Association Management

Am I allowed to say by accident? I always had an interest in nonprofit work, and after my contract ended at United Way, I was searching for a nonprofit job. A friend of my family pointed me towards an open job position at THT. I’m really just lucky I was granted this opportunity and that with the restructure of both Texas Healthcare Trustees and the Texas Hospital Association Foundation under Stacy’s leadership, my job responsibilities have grown. Association experience has been an awesome unexpected benefit of this job, and I am grateful I’ve gotten the opportunity to be introduced to this world.

What I Like About My Job

I love my job, let’s start with that. I like knowing that I am helping people every day, and I love building relationships with members and partners that help sponsor our events. My two favorite job responsibilities are working with the THT Board – our own board is so fantastic – and communicating with sponsors about our events.

My Biggest Challenge

The nature of my role includes a little bit of everything, and I work for both our CEO and the Development Department. It can often feel like I am being pulled in a million directions at once, so it is my challenge to figure out where my priorities for the day lie and how I am going to meet the deadlines asked of me.

What I Am Most Proud of at Our Association

I am most proud when a member tells us how grateful they are for the educational opportunities we provide them.

Favorite TSAE Event

I really like the New Ideas Conference because it is an awesome combination of education and fun. Plus, we get to all be together at once and recognize members who do great things.

What I Want to Learn From Other TSAE Members

As a young association member, I am constantly learning from all the wonderful people in this organization.

How TSAE Has Helped Me

I’ve met so many fantastic people and new besties. I love the connections that I have been able to make through this organization. More professionally, TSAE Toastmasters has challenged me to improve in my public speaking – darn those filler words! I’m really lucky that I get to be in this organization as part of my professional development.

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