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Crystal HealeyPaul hardin, CAE

Executive Director

Texas Physical Therapy Association

TSAE Member Since 1997

What We Do

Provide education, legislative representation and other services to physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and students in Texas.

Number of Members


Annual Operating Budget

$1.1 million

Staff Size

Years in Association Management


How I Got into Association Management

Much like many who are my age and up, I stumbled into it! While going to school, I started working at a large association. After a few years, I knew what I would be doing for the rest of my career.

What I Like About My Job

Anti-monotony. You are never bored, often wear 10 different hats, and your entire day can change every half hour based upon member needs and requests.

My Biggest Challenge

Getting physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapists assistant (PTAs) to realize the value of membership and become disciples of the association. Our organization has done well getting PT and PTA students to join; however, we see a sizeable drop-off after they graduate. PTs must now obtain a DPT (doctorate of physical therapy), and student loans are becoming astronomical, which has been a hindrance; however, we must figure out how to clearly show them ROI.

What I am Most Proud of at Our Association

Sorry, I can’t list just one thing here. Those members that are involved are SO passionate about the profession and the organization. I love being around them. I’m also very proud of our growth in the last five years: 49% increase in membership, new attendance record each year for our annual conference, and reserves have tripled. This phenomenal growth is directly attributable to our passionate members and dedicated staff. I’m just lucky enough to be part of it.

What I Want to Learn from Other TSAE Members

Ways to engage and retain members, and innovative new ways to generate non-dues revenue.

How TSAE has Helped Me

Besides the great education, I would have to say the relationships made. Many of my best friends are either association folks or vendors to the association world. I’ve literally grown up in the association world here in Austin, and I can’t imagine my life without many of the friends I’ve made just because of TSAE.

Paul may be reached at 512-477-1818 or

For more information about Texas Physical Therapy Association, visit

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