Member Spotlight Paige Faulkner

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Paige FaulknerPaige Faulkner

Membership Director
American MENSA

TSAE Member Since 2004


What We Do

We’re a social organization for highly intelligent people.

Number of Members


Annual Operating Budget

$3.9 million

Staff Size

22 Full Time Employees and 1 Part Time Employee

Years in Association Management


How I got into association management

I applied for a position at Mensa while I was in college and have been dedicated to Mensa and the association industry ever since.

What I Like About My Job

Building relationships with our diverse membership. Also, Mensa has afforded me the time to serve other associations like TSAE and DFWAE (Dallas/Fort Worth Association Executives.)  I am current serving as DFWAE’s President.

My Biggest Challenge

Providing value for membership since our members are so diverse and the only thing they have in common is being highly intelligent.

What I am most proud of at our association

The amazing camaraderie and teamwork among our staff.  When we set our minds to a goal, there isn’t anything that can stop us from obtaining it!

What I want to learn from other TSAE members

New and unique ideas in the area of non-dues revenue.

How TSAE has helped me

TSAE has provided me with a venue to meet and network with other association leaders and affiliate members who share the same challenges I do as an association professional.  

Paige may be reached at 817-607-5521 or
To learn more about American MENSA, visit them online at

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