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Crystal HealeyCrystal Healey

Membership Services and Exhibits Manager
Texas Pediatric Society (TPS), the Texas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

TSAE Member Since 2007

What We Do

Advocate, educate and support the pediatricians of Texas to not only further their professional development, but also to provide the tools they need to help ensure the health and safety of Texas children.

Number of Members


Annual Operating Budget

$800,000 (reserves 100% funded)

Staff Size

Years in Association Management


How I Got into Association Management

Most of my academic and work experience has been geared towards customer service and encouraging volunteer action. I was lucky enough to get an internship with an association right out of college and continued to move within that organization. It was the opportunity to pursue a manager position with TPS that solidified my affection for the industry, not just because my membership base is a great group, but for the colleagues from whom I get to learn.

What I Like About My Job

I enjoy the process of cultivating the relationship between our members and THEIR society. Allowing them to take ownership by helping them to communicate the organization’s mission, motivating local involvement in their communities, and establishing connections with peers on a daily basis are one of the many reasons I like my job.

My Biggest Challenge

Keeping up with technology/social media to keep the younger demographic informed and interested in our activities.

What I am Most Proud of at Our Association

I am proud that our leadership and veteran members continue to show enthusiasm when mentoring the younger members and that they really take the time to help them excel in their areas of interest.

What I Want to Learn from Other TSAE Members

I am interested in discussing the use of video campaigns to increase promotion of the society’s activities to ultimately increase membership and member involvement.

How TSAE has Helped Me

TSAE provides me with a professional home that allows me to connect professionally and personally with like-minded peers. TSAE's professional development encouragement and networking opportunities are effective, convenient and extremely relevant, giving me the resources that help me to do my job more effectively. 

Crystal may be reached at 512- 370-1517 or
For more information about Texas Pediatric Society, visit 

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