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Opening Keynote (November 12, 1:30 - 2:30 PM)

Pivot Point: Reshaping Your Organization When It Matters Most

Sheri Jacobs, FASAE, CAE, President & CEO, Avenue M Group
Examples abound of once-dominant organizations that succumbed to competitors and start-ups because they failed to adjust their business model when such a shift amid rapid change could have made all the difference. During this session, Sheri Jacobs will share ideas based on real-world examples for creating an organization that is more responsive, nimble, and open to the dynamic nature of its operating environments. As the author the ASAE best-selling book, Pivot Point: Reshaping Your Business When It Matters Most, Sheri will share inspiring stories and case studies from the association and for-profit world to recharge and re-energize your thinking.


Second Keynote (November 13, 8:30 - 9:30 AM)

Everything is an Experiment: Bringing a “Test and Learn” Culture to Life

David J. Neff, Vice President of Data-Driven Consulting, Clearhead/Accenture
Experimentation is not just for tech startups and scientists. Your association could benefit from developing a culture where you take risks to improve how you market and promote your events and member benefits.  This session will explore how to prove a culture of experimentation works, how to run a “test and learn” workshop to identify your problems and hypotheses, and how to build a culture where you love your problems, and not your solutions.


Breakout topics include:

Decluttering Your Association’s Communications

David Wyatt, Vice President, Account Management 
When you move into a new home, you have big plans about your belongings, including what will go where, how to use furniture and décor and the function of your new space. But life gets in the way. Some things may get misplaced, while others never get unpacked. Before you know it, the boxes become invisible to you—or maybe they get repurposed as end tables. The same could well happen at your association. Your overall brand and the elements of your communications toolbox may well fall victim to the same sort of dynamic: big plans until reality interrupts. In this session an expert from Elizabeth Christian Public Relations address the reasons for prioritizing a regular communications audit as well as what that involves. Prepare to do some unpacking!

Creating Member-centric Engagement 

Jill Duggan Hale, Member Engagement Specialist, Insurance Council of Texas
Ryan Byrd, Membership Services Manager, Restaurant Facility Management Association
Vicki Yancy, Membership Manager, Texas Council of Administrators of Special Education
Lacy Compton, Account Director, Strategic Association Management

Members should be your biggest champions for your association. From their initial welcome, to their participation at events, on committees and task forces, or in membership-led membership drives active, members play a crucial role in demonstrating the optimal benefits your organizations offers. What are you doing to create engagement and participation in that is meaningful, fun and draws in even more members? This session will explore some practical approaches to creating a member-centric environment that will lead for your membership to sell itself.

Tips for Boosting Your Event Marketing  

Scott Oser, President, Scott Oser Associates 
This ti- heavy presentation shows session participants how to drive more attendees to their meetings and conferences. Real-life examples are given throughout the presentation.

Your Association is Not a Hero

Elaine Acker, Certified StoryBrand Guide, StoryBrand
Every day, association leaders make one simple mistake: they share a story that makes their association the hero. This session uses the popular StoryBrand framework to explain why there’s a better way.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways associations are wasting money on marketing and how to avoid these pitfalls
  • How your members’ minds work in relation to your association
  • The paradigm shift you should make immediately to increase memberships
  • How to alleviate risk in your prospective member’s mind that prevents them from joining
  • Exactly how to excite your prospective members by painting a picture of what life will look like after they become a member
  • A simple framework: using the power of story to connect with your members
  • How to apply this framework to retain and grow your membership
Ask and You Shall Receive: Creating Member Surveys That Work

Andrew Buck, Content Manager, Mighty Citizen
If you don’t regularly and effectively survey your membership, your association's marketing is just a collection of educated guesses.

Designed and written well, surveys will deliver accurate, actionable, and often surprising insights. You'll learn what your current and prospective members think, feel, need, and want—and you'll be able to make strategic changes to serve them better (and boost your revenue). Research kills opinions.

In this lively, example-filled session, we’ll examine the components of a great audience survey—including how to build it, deploy it, and analyze the results. Most important, we'll learn how to sidestep the pitfalls that doom so many surveys to irrelevance and confusion. 

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify different types of surveys and when to use each one
  • Create a survey strategy that gets you the data you actually need
  • Write and organize your survey to get usable and helpful responses
  • Analyze the data smartly

Built for anyone who's interested in getting to the heart of the membership, this session is ready to help you ask the right questions in the right way at the right time. 

Ads, Exhibits and Sponsorships: An Idea Share  

Scott Oser, President, Scott Oser Associates
Feeling the pinch when it comes to ads, exhibits and sponsorship sales? Does it seem like there is never enough time to get to it and there is no magic bullet that will ensure success? Come join us for lively conversation and share tips, tricks and challenges in this 100% interactive, attendee participation roundtable.

A Method to the Madness: How to Strategically Use and Reuse Your Content

Mandy Moody, Content Manager, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Content is typically produced in one-off shoots without being part of a larger strategy or without the forethought of reusing content already produced. Learn how to perform a content audit and create a strategy template to take back to your marketing departments. Gain insight into a content strategy plan and look at real examples of how to use and reuse content like podcast transcripts, community and social media posts, letters, interviews, video, and articles.


  • Identify out-of-the-box ways to use and reuse individual content pieces.
  • Create an organization-wide content strategy.
  • Employ strategies to measure content: retention, consumption, engagement, and perception.
  • Implement a holistic marketing content audit.
Leveraging the Power of Your Data and Programmatic Advertising for Stronger Marketing Campaigns

Debbie Davis, Director of Communications and Marketing, Texas Association of Builders
Joe Macaluso, Sr. Director, Media Sales MultiView

Industry and trade associations have functioned for decades using traditional best practices to recruit members, grow show attendance and promote CE credits. Now, using a combination of first-party association data, third-party industry data, and programmatic advertising, associations have the power to target members and potential member like never before. Joe uses common strategies and real-world use cases to show you how your data can be the vehicle for highly-targeted marketing and communication efforts. You may think you’ve read all the books on association marketing, but the book is being rewritten because of one key element: your data.

More education information, including campfire sessions and smart tips, coming soon!


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