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Looking to give back and help others succeed in this industry? TSAE is building a pool of potential mentors for Leadership TSAE 2018. Mentors participate in a couple of education sessions and meet outside of the scheduled program in order to guide and motivate. Once 2018 participants have been selected, they will review the pool of mentors and request those they think would be most beneficial. TSAE will then match you with your protégé. Mentors can also submit their time mentoring for CAE renewal hours (see below).

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Please complete the Mentor Profile by October 31. 

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Goals for Mentor/Protégé Relationship

  • Provide guidance to professionals adjusting to association culture.
  • Groom future leaders in TSAE.
  • Build knowledge in a variety of areas promoted by TSAE.
  • Foster learning and development.
  • Connect professionals within TSAE and strengthen networks.
  • Expose association professionals to a broader association experience.

Who we are looking for?

  • Experienced association leaders and managers (Executive Director, CEO, COO, CIO, department manager/director).
  • Professionals who can commit the time necessary to consistently cultivate a meaningful relationship.
  • Professionals who like to guide and empower others.

Requirements for Mentors

  • Commit to consistent meeting schedule with your protégé from January 2018-October 2018. (At least once a month with protégé.)
  • Attend 20 minute introductory informational call (will be offered multiple times).
  • Work together to set goals for the experience.
  • Make contact with protégé at TSAE education events.
  • Share experience. Some mentors may be asked to speak at a Leadership TSAE event or make a phone call to another protégé.

Dates and Deadlines 

(Bolded dates have mentor component)

  • November 20, 2017: Notification to Applicants
  • No later than January 8, 2018: Payment submitted to TSAE
  • February 12 & 13 2018: Luncheon, Orientation & Session 1 (Retreat)
  • March 22, 2017: Happy Hour Social (Austin)
  • April 9, 2017: Session 2
  • July 16 & 17, 2018 Session 3 (Retreat 2)
  • October 23, 2018: Session 4


All questions regarding the Leadership TSAE mentoring program may be sent to Aaron Hernandez at aaron@tsae.org or 512-444-1974.

CAE Hours

Certificants providing and/or receiving mentoring or coaching specifically focused on the field of association management and representative of the exam content outline for a minimum of 10 clock hours can qualify for up to a maximum of 10 CAE hours towards renewal under the professional development category. Two hours of mentoring/coaching or two hours being mentored/coached equals one CAE hour, up to a maximum of 10 CAE hours. The individual providing mentoring/coaching must be a CAE or CAE (Ret.). The mentor/coach and mentee/individual being coached cannot be employed by the same organization.

(Please note that mentoring/coaching is a one-on-one relationship. Facilitating and/or teaching a study group and/or study course does not count under professional development activities, but would be eligible for CAE credit under Leadership, Instruction, or Writing.)

  • 0-9 hours mentoring/coaching /being mentored/being coached = 0 CAE hours
  • 10 hours mentoring/coaching /being mentored/being coached = 5 CAE hours
  • 12 hours mentoring/coaching /being mentored/being coached = 6 CAE hours
  • 14 hours mentoring/coaching /being mentored/being coached = 7 CAE hours
  • 16 hours mentoring/coaching /being mentored/being coached = 8 CAE hours
  • 18 hours mentoring/coaching /being mentored/being coached = 9 CAE hours
  • 20 hours mentoring/coaching /being mentored/being coached =10 CAE hours

Mentors/mentees should submit the CAE Mentoring Form with their application.

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