Webinar: Mitigating Burnout & Preventing Attrition: Bypass the Great Resignation

August 10, 2022, 12:30 pm – 01:30 pm

This valuable and timely deep dive will prepare operations professionals to diagnose unrest and disengagement within their workforce and implement strategies that will help them retain their high-caliber talent.

Using case studies to demonstrate real-world challenges, and discussion about how to use tools in conjunction with institutional knowledge, the attendees will be participants in problem-solving rather than passive listeners.

Throughout the presentation, we will engage in live Q&A to troubleshoot specific scenarios in real-time to inspire the whole group.

Participants will learn how to leverage their teams' knowledge and personal investment to create solutions tailored to their organization's needs.

Those concerned with reducing friction within the business machine will be able to offer solutions to leadership when problems arise and create reports that qualify and quantify employee dissatisfaction. Furthermore, they will propose and implement solutions that will save time, money, and talent.

Presented by: Lizabeth Wesley-Casella

TSAE Members: $45; Non-member: $75
CAE Hour: 1

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