TSAE Lab: Diving Deep Into the Theory and Practice of Design Thinking

August 22, 2019, 09:30 am – 01:30 pm

In an association world of ever-increasing competition, of customers who seem to have less time and read fewer communications, of generational and societal shifts that are quickly impacting organizational structure, our associations have to stand out in order to grow. In fact, our associations have to produce the right solutions for the right members in the right format, all while generating experiences and interactions that are easy, positive and, where possible, fun. And we can’t rely on the long-standing premise that what we create will be an evergreen solution - instead, we must continually experiment, prototype, learn and grow. 

So, how can we keep up?

Design thinking may provide the answer. In this deep dive, you will come to understand the basic tenants of the design thinking approach.  Each participant will bring their own member-focused experience that they are looking to workshop. Through a facilitated series of exercises, you will re-define and refine your approach, placing the customer and their experience at the core of what you create. You will walk away with tangible next steps in hand - with your own efforts and focus determining the path those steps take.

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