TSAE 2015-16 Strategic Initiatives

November 19, 2015
By Beth Brooks, CAE

Many associations spend time on developing a strategic plan, and TSAE is no different.

A strategic plan gives everyone a say in the outcome, and a chance to fully participate in crafting future plans.

The strategic planning process is usually thorough and exhaustive, to ensure that good ideas and suggestions from a variety of stakeholders went into the plan.

The strategic plan prioritizes the key strategies to allow for allocation of resources, people, funds and time. And finally, by going through a planning process, you have gained consensus and made a commitment to accountability to your members in a public and powerful way.

It is after the retreat that some organizations lack a “next step” and sometimes the well intentioned plan gets shelved simply because the plan did not indicate who is responsible for taking action.

Several years ago, during a governance review, TSAE created a different type of officer leadership structure – one that clearly identifies who leads the strategic initiatives so they don’t fall to the side.

While we have a Chair, Chair Elect and Past Chair, the other officers are named each year based on our Strategic Initiatives. This can vary every year but for the past two years, we have had three large initiatives, with three “initiative leaders” named as an officer becoming part of the leadership team, and serving for one year.

These leaders are selected from the Board to oversee each of our Initiatives. This year, our three Strategic Leaders are: Christopher Williston, CAE (Vice President, Independent Bankers Association); Casandra Matej (Executive Director, San Antonio CVB), and Megan Woodburn, CAE (President, SAM)

The Strategic Initiatives for 2015-2016 include:

A. Increase and Develop Non-Dues Income – Christopher Williston, CAE

Benefit Services:

  • A task force will be created to develop the foundational policy and processes for non-dues/ benefit services. (Identification of products/services; evaluation, interest and vetting forms, recommendation, etc.).
  • A focus group will be held to discuss opportunities for partnerships.
  • Review possible vendors and benefits/programs that could be created.

Consulting Services:

  • Develop additional  facilitators for Consulting  programs (strategic planning and Board orientation)
  • A task force will be created to review facilitator criteria, recruitment, training, selection process and fees.
B. Rebranding of TSAE – Casandra Matej
  • A task force will be created to develop marketing/branding RFP.
  • Timeline: November – Task Force formed; December – RFP sent; February – review proposals and select recommended marketing/branding agency; March 8 - bring recommendation for agency to Board for approval.
C. Developing Leaders Through Education and Professional Development – Megan Woodburn, CAE
  • Prepare and complete an education survey
  • Create career path model
  • Outline and market volunteer opportunities
  • Explore programming opportunities within niche segments (with input from survey)
  • Explore online certificate program.

This will be an exciting year for TSAE and I look forward to keeping you updated here.

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