NI Monday Education Schedule

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General Session (9:00 – 10:00 AM)
MemberShift: Why Members Leave and the Strategies to Bring Them Back (MMC)

Sarah Sladek, Principal, XYZ University

Membership organizations are reporting higher levels of disengagement and decline than ever before. A new membership strategy is urgently needed, and Sarah Sladek has discovered it. In this keynote, Sarah will share her research on changing membership trends and the strategies proven to increase engagement and spur growth.

Learning Objectives:
  • Identify common practices in associations contributing disengagement and decline
  • Identify changing membership engagement cycles
  • Identify best practices used by associations to immediately change their trajectory.    


Thought Leader Session (10:00 – 10:30 AM)
Gather Round Lounge: Meet-Up Your Peers: Operations

This is your chance to connect with operational leaders facing similar challenges. Connect with your peers and build a stronger network!


5 Concurrent Education Sessions II (10:30 – 11:30 AM)
Is Association Ethics Still a Thing?

Christian Malesic, MBA, CAE, CMP, IOM, CEO, Association Advance, LLC

Ethics used to be paramount in all we did. It was the first consideration in every dilemma. Now, it seems that words like honesty, respect, integrity, diligence, and even ETHICS are so, well, yesterday. But now, the ASAE has brought mandatory ethics courses back into the CAE curriculum. Could it be because ethical standards also lead to sound, well-reasoned decision-making that strengthens both the organization’s reputation and the bottom line? This session will allow you to explore you. What are your ethics? Are you pleased with your findings? Using real-life scenarios, attendees will solve modern ethical quagmires in which other associations have found themselves. Prime yourself to decide what you would do if you were there. This is not a spectator session. It is hyper-interactive. Come prepared to think.

Learning Objectives:
  • Define, comprehend, and be able to explain ethics in the modern era.
  • Attendees will individualize ethics and relate it to their daily workflow.
  • Gain the tools and the thought-processes to assess all situations through an ethical lens.
Confident Sales Negotiations: Better Outcomes with Less Anxiety

Carrie McIntyre, Principal, Navigate

You can’t avoid negotiating, especially when you’re the one doing the selling.  Whether you’re haggling with a toddler over their vegetables-to-dessert ratio or sealing the deal with sponsors, exhibitors, and/or advertisers… negotiation is an indispensable skill.

Nelson Mandela said, “I don’t fail. I either win or I learn.”  So in that spirit, this engaging session is packed with real-life examples and expert insights from the speaker’s own wins and “learning experiences.” Bring your negotiating challenges for discussion! Elevate your negotiation game and unlock doors to better results with less stress!

Learning Objectives
  • Set yourself up for better outcomes before negotiating even begins
  • Say, “no,” to industry partner requests without damaging the relationship
  • Sidestep common negotiation pitfalls and improve your outcomes.
All the World's a Stage: Enhancing Your Public Speaking Skills by Embracing the Theatre Kid in You

Emily Armstrong, Communications Manager, Strategic Association Management

As association professionals, we are in the business of storytelling. Whether we are trying to gain new members or present in front of a board, being able to tell a convincing story is a must. Learn to unlock the power of public speaking through essential warm-up rituals, storytelling techniques, and persuasive delivery strategies to captivate any audience. Walk away with the confidence and skills to engage, entertain, and inspire every time you speak in public.

Learning Objectives:
  • Warm themselves up before a speaking engagement
  • Tell an engaging story with a beginning, middle, and end
  • Show their audiences that they have something to say worth remembering
Leveraging AI for Association Excellence: Practical Skills with ChatGPT

Ryan Thomas, Grant Writer, Texas Council on Family Violence

Join us for an engaging session where you'll learn practical ways to use AI chatbots and virtual assistants like ChatGPT to boost your organization's creativity, productivity, and efficiency. We’ll dive into hands-on activities, showing you how to customize your chatbots, create engaging content, automate everyday tasks, and more. We’ll also explore strategies for processing data to generate insights and strategic plans. By the end, you'll walk away with actionable tips and the confidence to start using these new skills right away. This session is all about practical, real-world applications tailored to the unique challenges you face in association management.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand Practical Applications of AI Chatbots
  • Explore Innovative AI Strategies
  • Develop Hands-On Experience with ChatGPT-4T


Additional session coming soon!


Thought Leader Session (10:30 – 11:30 AM)


5 Concurrent Education Sessions III (1:45 – 2:45 PM)
Executive Compensation Issues

Jonathan Blum, Holland & Knight, Partner, Holland & Knight LLP

Executive compensation in associations is an important issue.  This session will discuss executive compensation with considerations from a practical and technical perspective.  As tax-exempt organizations, tax considerations are also a factor.  This session will provide a deeper understanding of the issues as well as practical tools to utilize in your organization.

Learning Objectives:
  • Identify key trouble areas in compensation and best practices.
  • Review potential tax issues related to executive compensation.
  • Gain an understanding of common compensation structures.
Is Your Association Really Prepared for the Future?
Megan Woodburn, CAE, Founder and co-CEO, Strategic Association Management

Sue Pine, CAE, FASAE, Association Thought Leader

Ever heard of the word “foresight”? Are you looking to move your leaders to think beyond your strategic plan? This engaging session is designed for both those new to the practice of foresight and the ASAE ForesightWorks Research and for those who have ventured into integrating foresight and are now looking for new implementation ideas. It works - associations who were dabbling with future focused discussions when the pandemic hit were able to pivot and adapt much faster than their peers. Future-focused associations were already discussing the trends driving change. Join us for this session to help your association work toward their Preferred Future!

Learning Objectives:
  • Explore foresight/future thinking and to the ASAE ForesightWorks Research, with an introduction to the 5 new Drivers of Change (just released in 2024)
  • Practice an Analysis Session and discuss with peers the “So What?” relative to the impact to their association
  • Identify real-world examples of foresight at associations  
  • Develop the first steps of an action plan to how to make the ForesightWorks Research actionable for their association
Membership & Marketing Survival Guide | MMC

Amy Hager, Organic Marketing Mentor, Amy Hager Solutions, LLC

In the Marketing and Membership Survival Guide, we will look at communications through a new lens. This very active and hands-on session is going to teach and encourage you to look at things a little differently so you are thriving in connecting and engaging with your audiences.

We will be taking a pause to better understand the psychology of how people are engaging with content and trying something a little different based on YOUR strengths.          

Learning Objectives:
  • Explore the Psychology of your messaging and how to emotionally engage with your members
  • Learn how to use Kind Messaging instead of Pain Point Messaging
  • Identify you and your teams' unique strength when it comes to content creation and how to best leverage this out-of-the-box strategy to create an aligned audience of social media followers


Additional sessions coming soon!


Thought Leader Session (1:45 – 2:45 PM)



Deep Dive Education Session (1:45 – 4:45 PM*)
Navigating AI in Nonprofits: Best Practices and Policy Development

Lori Gracey, CAE, Executive Director, TCEA

Join us for a comprehensive, three-hour workshop designed specifically for nonprofit and organizational leaders with some AI experience. Ensure your organization's success and growth by mastering the essential strategies for AI adoption. This interactive session will delve into advanced AI techniques, policy development, and real-world applications. You'll:

  • Explore structured chatbot prompting and multiple chatbot smashing for enhanced responses.
  • Develop a tailored AI policy for your organization, guided by expert-led discussions and sample policies.
  • Learn from peer leaders who are successfully integrating AI for personal and professional productivity.
  • Experience the latest AI tools and best practices through hands-on learning.

Bring a device and be prepared to share your AI experiences, challenges, and successes with fellow leaders. This session is ideal for those with prior AI experience, seeking to refine their skills and stay ahead in the AI landscape.



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