New Ideas Annual Conference

2019 Education Sessions

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Pre-Conference TSAE Lab (Sunday, 9:00 - 11:30 am)*

From Trendspotting to Implementation—An Interactive Guide to Smart Event Design

Kelly Peacy, CAE, CMP, Founder & CEO

We hear a lot about experience design, but where do we start and how do we operationalize our ideas? This interactive workshop will provide you with the concepts and tools you need to take action within your association events. We’ll take a deep-dive into how to analyze and assess event trends for your respective audiences and how these trends might translate into experience design ideas. We’ll then roll up our sleeves to explore key design concepts and the toolbox you need to turn those ideas into reality. 

*Additional registration required.

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Learning Lounge Session (Sunday, 1:30 - 2:15 pm)

New Ideas Highlights

Opening Keynote (Sunday, 2:30 - 3:45 pm)

The Power of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: The Keys to a Sustainable Future

Doug Harris, CEO, The Kaleidoscope Group, LLC

Our opening dynamic keynote will address the importance of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in organizational sustainability.

Doug will also explore the 3 C's: Commitment, Course and Competence as frameworks in developing a successful, long-term strategy.



Concurrent Education Sessions (Sunday, 4:15 - 5:30 pm)

The 3C's for a Successful DEI Strategy: The Role Leader's Play

Doug Harris, CEO, The Kaleidoscope Group, LLC
Continue to explore Doug’s framework in this interactive session around the keys to a successful Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy. Doug will share DEI frameworks and engage in a lively Q&A to address leader's pressing questions about the challenges they face.

Use Customer Journey Maps to Improve Member Experiences

Cathi Hight, Kaizen Consultant, Hight Performance Group
Each of your members is on a journey to fulfill their expectations of why they joined or renewed. Creating an exceptional experience along the way requires seeing the journey through their eyes, regardless of their investment level or how long they have been members. Although you have an intended journey you want customers to take, you need to develop a "customer-think first" mindset. Learn how Journey Maps can be used to onboard new members, increase engagement and build your leadership pipeline.

CEO Round Table

Moderated by Steven Stout, FASAE, CAE, CEO, Texas Society of Association Executives
Chief executives face a broad range of challenges in maintaining and growing their organziation. This faciltated roundtable will dive into your challenges and lean on your experienced colleagues for options, solutions and insights. Be prepared to share what’s keeping you up at night and some words of wisdom.

Beyond Logo Placement: Innovative Ideas for Successful Sponsorships

Jennifer Lee, Chief Marketing Officer, Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals
Charles Popper, President, The Wyman Company

Kathy Swanson, Director of Partner Relationships, Texas Association of School Business Officials
Developing opportunities that meet sponsor expectations and yield a profit for an organization can be a challenging. By working collaboratively, an association and sponsor can create a vision that will create value for all. What are some ideas you should consider? Join this panel for a discussion on what they done that’s successful and what processes helped them effectively towards a collaborative relationship. 

Say What?! How to Communicate Anything to Anyone

Kathy Gruver, Speaker and Author
Communication is key. But what happens when the people communicating are speaking different languages? Learn what type of communicator you are and how to reach across that divide to reach people who communicate in a different way.

You’ll learn:

  • How to approach people using their language to get your message heard and objectives met.
  • Quick ways to think on your feet.
  • How to bring out your inner extrovert...or tone down your energy to not frighten the introverts away.
  • NLP (neuro linguistic programming) skills for communication.
  • How to be comfortable speaking in front of a group.
Big Event Impact with Limited Resources

Kelly Peacy, CAE, CMP, Founder & CEO, Insight Event Strategy
Limited resources of budget or staff doesn’t mean that you can’t have an impactful, memorable event that meets your association’s objectives. You just need to have the right strategic mindset. Gain insight into truly understanding your event’s goals and objectives across two platforms, regardless of resources. You'll identify an event’s major objectives and recognize how to “scale down” ideas from big budgets so you leave with lots of ideas that are either inexpensive, take limited staff resources or both.

  • Recognize how limited resources doesn’t mean a limited mindset
  • Examine ways to get to the “why” behind your event elements
  • Identify scalable ideas in two key areas of event design

Learning Lounge Session (4:15 - 5:00 pm)

Living Your Truth: Defining Yourself as a Leader

Lacy Compton, MA, Account Manager, Strategic Association Management
Chance McKee, Sr. Director of Membership & Engagement, TCEA
Katie Scott, MS, ATC, Senior Special Projects Coordinator, National Athletic Trainers Association

Defining a “good leader” isn’t easy: Our individual personalities, how we see the world, and our ways of working influence the way we lead. This interactive, hands-on session will help you define and grow your leadership profile, understand your colleagues’ styles, and create a sense of balance between your personal self and your leadership impact. Walk away with tools to use in your workplaces tomorrow and the chance to connect with other emerging leaders.

Opening Night Party (7:00 - 9:00 pm)

Hosted by Galveston Island CVB. Learn more 



General Session (Monday, 9:00 - 10:00 am)

Curiosity: How Improvisers Stay Calm Amid Uncertainty

Matt Newman, The Frontier Project  

Initiate honestly. Respond without judgement. Build together without an end in sight. These mindsets can get you back on track when new information arises to totally negate all your plans and assumptions. They can help you project presence and confidence in an uncertain situation. And they all come straight from the long tradition of improvisational performers—better known as improv comics.

The rate of change in today’s workforce is increasing exponentially. Matt will show you how using an improviser’s iterative mindset can increase your tolerance for change, lead to more productive conversations, foster creative teams, and generally make you more comfortable and confident when you have no idea what will happen next.

Using lessons learned from nearly two decades performing in front of crowds without a script, Matt will share stories and inspiration from unusual places to awaken your own sense of curiosity about the changing world around you.


Concurrent Education Sessions (Monday, 10:30 - 11:45 am)

I Want a Divorce—Why Members Leave and How We Can Make Them Stay

Cathi Hight, Kaizen Consultant, Hight Performance Group
Don’t you find it frustrating when you recruit new members and they jump ship without even trying to make membership work for them? Realizing that you are in the “relationship” business is the first step to begin to understand members’ expectations and how to develop a long-term relationship that provides “win-win” for both of you. This session correlates patterns found in marriage and membership, and how you can leverage insights to deliver better experiences, manage expectations, and create alignment between diverse interests and perceptions. And here’s a bonus for your participation: you'll improve your own personal relationships and help others to do the same!

Sweat the Small Stuff: How to Keep Your Top Talent from Becoming Someone Else's

Lisa Ryan, Chief Appreciation Strategist, Grategy
Did you know that 49% of association members leave their organization because they don’t feel a connection to the association? Because people are the number one resource for every organization, engaging with them on a personal level is key. When organizations pay attention to the “little things,” they maintain a higher retention rate, improved productivity and increased engagement than associations that ignore the niceties that create a positive culture. Whether you’re struggling with new members, long-term members, volunteers, or board members, this program will give you specific strategies that can be used increase engagement, accountability and impact of everyone involved.

Communicate With Strength - Key Words That Undermine Your Effectiveness

Karen E. Purves, M.A., International Speaker, innovative impact
Got the right words? Laugh and learn in this session filled with the latest solutions in effective communication, based on neuroscience principles. What are you saying that’s causing your staff, members and clients to subtly feel uncooperative or defensive? This session will inspire you with replacement words and phrases and you'll leave with an immediate, specific, action plan!

POSTabilities - Evergreen Content Ideas To Reignite Your Social Media Conversations

Dorien Morin-van Dam, Social Media Consultant, More In Media, a division of Highland Strategic, LLC
Content marketing should be fun, not a chore! Hear ideas, examples and inspiration for evergreen content that will add sparkle to any social media conversation. Learn how simple prompts can spark an idea and how to develop that idea into social media content for any platform. You'll leave with a step-by-step approach that can be applied and adapted to create content for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Driving Change: How to Lead & Succeed During Transformational Times

Eric Curtis, President, Curtis Strategy
Is it any wonder why change is so difficult? It can evoke fear, a lack of security, and many other powerful emotions. Beyond the psychological and physiological responses, there are also organizational challenges to contend with such as role changes, financial burden, and the impact on culture. It is no surprise that the vast majority of change efforts fail. However, responding to change positively, effectively, and responsibly allows organizations to create a culture of adaptability and to remain viable. Throughout the change process it is the organization’s leaders—the sponsors of change—who play the most critical role in determining the success of the effort. This begins when leaders make a personal commitment and understand the psychology of change.

Practical Presence: Empower Your Mindset Shift

Kathy Gruver, Speaker and Author
Presence is power. Discover how being more in the 'now' will improve your communication, leadership, health and relationships. Presence allows you to recognize those "aha" moments, but also the "awe" moments. Presence gives you the power to pause to choose how you respond to situations, how to accurately and concisely communicate your message and to interact with others in the most productive way possible.

  • Learn what presence is and why it's important
  • Practice some visualization exercises to bring you back to the moment and also relax and improve health
  • See how taking a mental vacation and at any time can enhance your productivity
  • Learn how to change your focus for less stress

This session is great for anyone who is Type A, overwhelmed by the tasks at hand or pulled in multiple directions at once. These are simple techniques that anyone can master with some practice. And you'll feel better, have less stress and be your best you!

Learning Lounge Session (10:30 - 11:15 am)

Explore Diversity & Inclusion in TSAE

Trevor Mitchell, MBA, CAE, Executive Director/CEO, American Mensa
One of TSAE’s strategic initiatives is to develop a D&I strategy and practices for TSAE and its membership. As part of that initiative, it’s important to engage members to ensure we include all perspectives. Come join in the conversation to share your insight, ask your questions, and help shape the D&I landscape for TSAE.

Awards Luncheon (12:00 - 1:15 pm)

Join us as in recognizing our 2019 TSAE Award honorees. Learn more 

Concurrent Education Sessions (Monday, 1:45 - 3:00 pm)

Mastering Millennial Mindset and Beyond: How Gen Z is Once Again Changing Business

Lisa Ryan, Chief Appreciation Strategist, Grategy
With approximately 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, it’s more important than ever to attract the best employees you can hire while dealing with an ever-shrinking talent pool. Even more critical, is keeping your new hires from leaving after spending substantial time, money and human resources to get them onboard.

Why is this important?

  • Millennials will make up about 75% of the workforce by 2025
  • They are the most educated of the generations
  • They really ARE different from previous generations
  • If you don’t connect with them, your competitors will
  • Gen Z is coming – with wiring much different than their Millennial counterparts

With four active generations in the workplace, it’s important to realize that people are wired differently simply based on the year they were born. When you understand how each generation thinks, their relationship to the workplace, and where they place their priorities, it makes life easier for everyone.

How to Measure Social Media ROI

Dorien Morin-van Dam, Social Media Consultant, More In Media, a division of Highland Strategic, LLC
How do one know if social media marketing is really working? Can social media results be measured and if so, how is it done? Not knowing what and how to measure social media efforts is the second biggest problem marketers face. In fact, 60% of small business owners do not know how it is done! You'll learn how to reduce investments, yet improve results with concrete content ideas that will work and strategies to measure, test and grow. At the end of the session, you'll know what and how to measure the ROI of your social media marketing.

Wag More, Bark Less - Reducing Negativity in Your Association

Karen E. Purves, M.A., International Speaker, innovative impact
Deal with difficult people? Spend too much of your day handling personality conflicts among staff? Explore 14 different ways people express negativity and learn a tip for dealing with each one. You’ll learn effective skills on handling a broad spectrum of negative personality styles - and see how you can adjust your own attitude to help stay positive and improve organizational excellence! Receive tips on exactly what to say to whom, so you can go back to work and do something different immediately. After participating in this program attendees, on average, said their ability to handle negative situations in the workplace improved 28%.

Association Content Marketing Strategies for Increased Lead Generation

Shakira M. Brown, CEO, SMB Strategic Media LLC
There is no question that content marketing strategy is not just a nice-to-have, but a business imperative. Hear from award-winning Branding and Communication Strategist Shakira M. Brown how you can develop a realistic approach to association content marketing that will nurture prospects and ultimately convert them into financial members and stakeholders. Discover ways to identify what your prospects care about to help you generate content that will fuel your lead-generation pipeline. Learn how implementing a content marketing strategy can provide search engine results for your organization's website to increase the amount of web-based leads and inquiries. Most importantly, learn how to generate content with as minimal effort as possible and maximum long-term impact.

Board Engagement – In and Out of the Boardroom

Julie Hart, President, CFO by Design
Alison Best, CFO by Design

Is your Board engaged? Do they ask smart questions? Are they carrying your message outside of the Boardroom? Many associations have large boards, made up of volunteers from different industries who are willing to serve the association. Discover how to make the most of your board members’ expertise and engagement as they provide oversight and support to the association staff, as well as best practices around providing your board members with the tools they need to yield influence for the association outside of the board meeting. Topics covered will include clear and accurate financial reporting for board accountability, developing a toolkit for board training, and incentivizing your Board to be your advocate.

Learning Lounge Session (1:45 - 3:00 pm)

Learning to Lead with Foresight

Garet Turner, CMP, CAE, Vice President, Development, ASAE Foundation  
As more and more association executives engage with environmental scanning to ensure the longevity of their organizations and the careers they represent, it is important to understand the process of Foresight and determine what changes are driving the future of industries. To effectively lead a relevant association into the future, you need to look much further ahead than the average three-to-five year strategic plan. The ASAE Foundation’s ForesightWorks Project is based on the discipline of futurists and has become a guiding authority for forward thinking association professionals. Learn how to apply a future-focused lens to your risk analysis and strategic planning, as well as, how best to engage stakeholders around environmental changes they may not have anticipated shaping the future business of your association.

Deep Dive (1:45 - 4:45 pm)

Developing Finance and Accounting Knowledge

Pam Shull, Trainer, Max Muller Associates

Understand and apply basic financial principles and make better financial decisions for your organization. As a professional whose expertise isn’t finance, your actions and decisions still affect the financial picture. But, if you're making those decisions without a solid knowledge of finance and accounting, you're operating in the dark.

Learn the basics of accounting and finance in easy-to-understand terms. What's more, you'll learn how to apply and use the information to operate more efficiently and successfully.


  • Manager's Toolbox - How The Process Works and Why You Should Follow It
  • Understanding Purchase Order Process and Legal Issues
  • Budgeting For A Realistic Future - Not The "Pie In The Sky"

Note: Participation in Deep Dive prohibits you from going on an experience. Deep Dive participants earn and additional 1.75 hours.

Bonus Education Session (3:15 - 4:30 pm)

Thriving Through Change

Sarah Marie Curry, Improv Teacher, Merlin Works

Change can be scary. It involves terrible things like the unknown, discomfort, work, and losing control. It can also be an opportunity for discovery, growth, creativity, and letting go. In fact, these things are often two sides of the same coin. So how can we make the most out of a world where so much is constantly in flux? How can we move forward and be productive when we never seem to have enough information or time to make the right decision? We will be pulling tools from the world of improvisational theater, where change is happening constantly in front of a live audience. We will take a look at what our internal response is to change and see if we can shift it into something more productive. Like a good improviser, participants will learn how to recover quickly from unexpected events, be curious about the unfamiliar, be flexible in response to new information and start things without knowing exactly how they will end.

Note: Participation in bonus education session prohibits you from going on an experience. Bonus education session participants earn and additional 1.25 hours

Galveston Experiences (3:45 - 6:00 pm)

Get out and experience Galveston Island! Learn more 

Monday Night Reception (8:30 - 10:30 pm)

Join your fellow attendees back at Moody Gardens after an open evening for dinner. Learn more  



Concurrent Education Sessions (Tuesday, 8:30 - 9:45 am)

CAE Breakfast: Honoring Your Commitment to the Industry

While we all took different routes to earn our CAE and each of us represents various roles necessary at a successful association, we are all leaders and champions for what the designation represents. Join our panel over breakfast and mimosas for a lively discussion about what being a CAE means and how you can help empower others to begin the journey towards earning this respected designation. We’ll also welcome and recognize those TSAE members who recently earned their CAE.

The Future of Work

Rebecca Achurch, President and CEO, Achurch Consulting
John Clese, Director of Business Development, Achurch Consulting

The 9-5 work day, leftover from the industrial era, has no usefulness in a work world that is about energy, output, skills and results. Those with the right skill sets are calling the shots as to when, where and how they work, and they need managers to respond accordingly. Existing hierarchical structures are not conducive to the collaborative, distributed nature of today's teamwork and current management styles often reflect an age when workforces didn’t demand authentic communication, impactful engagement, real time feedback, transparency and trust. Poor leadership and lousy work cultures are hampering our teams' abilities to produce results, restricting the growth of organizations and leading to a 20% turnover rate for younger professionals. Learn how adapting to the future of work can keep your organization from falling into this trap.

Lead the Change You Want: Sparking a Culture of Innovation Through Effective Communications

Shakira M. Brown, CEO, SMB Strategic Media LLC
The ability to spark creative thinking and innovation is vital to the long-term success of any organization. Leading strategic thinkers have moved beyond a focus on traditional product and service categories to pioneer innovations in business processes, distribution, value chains, business models, and even the functions of management. Today, effective leaders at associations must leverage the powerful opportunity of being able to tap into the intelligence, wisdom, and innovation present in their workforce. Conversational leadership provides the space and infrastructure for knowledge sharing to take place for employees, stakeholders, and the community to be involved in discussing big, important questions and to generate solutions that people within the organization can take action on. Learn how association professionals at all levels of management can leverage conversational leadership tactics as a vehicle for everyone within the organization to hone their creative potential and communicate innovative ideas to address internal and external facing challenges.

Legislative Interaction: How Associations Can Influence the Legislature

Katy Johnson, The Garcia Group
Associations have great power when it comes to the legislative process and can wield results when they organize. This session will teach associations how to be involved in the legislative process, communicate with the legislature, how to create a legislative agenda, and the inner working of the process. Take a close look how to organize your members to create a cohesive message for the legislature, how to identify and interact with key members, and how best to target your efforts and efforts of your members.

Meeting Planner Round Table: Ideas That Stick

Mandy Begley, CMP, Senior Meeting Planner, Texas Association of School Boards
Julie Marshall, CMP, Meetings and Events Director, Strategic Association Management

Experienced planners know that surrounding themselves with other planners and exchanging ideas makes for better meetings. Come join this round table discussion where meeting planners share their best of and worst of. This is not a “sit and get” session, attendees will be actively participating in how the session evolves.

Connecting Your Expertise with People, Partners, and The Public

Sarah Marie Curry, Improv Teacher, Merlin Works

Sometimes the more you know about a topic—medicine, technology, science—the harder it is to clearly and quickly communicate to everyday people about it. It’s called the Curse of Knowledge. The problem is that once we know something, we find it hard to imagine not knowing it. Our knowledge has “cursed” us. Therefore, we have difficulty sharing it with others, because we have a hard time imagining a beginner’s mind: what they are thinking and hearing about the topic we are so immersed in? So, ironically, it takes a lot of effort for experts to communicate effectively about their work with a general audience. And that’s precisely what we do in this program.

Learning Lounge Session (8:45 - 9:45 am)

Membership, Marketing & Communications Peer-to-Peer

With TSAE’s new event, Membership, Marking and Communications Conference and Expo (MMC), right around the corner, join MMC task force members in a quick-fire discussion on the challenges keeping you up at night. Problem-solve, share resources, and connect with your counterparts. Facilitators will report back to the MMC so that you can help inform a topic you want to see at MMC in November!

Closing Brunch Session (Tuesday, 10:00 - 11:30 am)

Everyone Has a Story

JT McCormick, President and CEO of Scribe Media

JT McCormick is a successful CEO, but that’s not where he started. He started as the son of a pimp and an orphan. JT McCormick knows what it’s like to have a story that you’re itching to tell the world. He knows how overwhelming that urge can be and how it’s all too easy to convince yourself that your story is not worth telling. More than anything, he knows that you’re wrong. Everyone has a story that could positively impact the lives of others. As a sought-after keynote speaker, he shares his story with audiences around the world. As the CEO of Scribe, he helps others do the same. Raised in the worst part of Dayton, OH, he spent his childhood bouncing from home to home, in and out of juvenile detention centers, and was even homeless for a time. He was neglected, starved, and sexually abused as a child.


CAE Hours

Full Conference: 9.5
Monday-Only: 3.5
Additional Deep Dive: 1.75 (included in registration)
Additional Bonus Education Session: 1.25 (included in registration)
Additional Pre-Con Lab: 2.5 (requires additional registration)

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