New Ideas Annual Conference

2022 Education Sessions



Opening Session (2:30 – 3:45 PM)

Growing Together, Better Together: A Pecha Kucha Style Presentation

Tiffany McGee, CEO, Texas Trial Lawyers Association
Philip Prasek, Assistant Director, Client Relationships, Freeman
Kent Prickett, Executive Director, Infinity Management for Professional Associations & Societies
Gloria Terry, CEO, Texas Council on Family Violence 
Christopher Williston VI, President & CEO, Independent Bankers Association of Texas

Our peers’ journeys are filled with challenges, successes, and setbacks. Successes validate leader’s ingenuity, creativity or just a great idea. And even when members fall short, they are resilient and move courageously forward reflecting on lessons learned.

This year, we are using our Opening Session to celebrate the stories of our members—stories that will provide insight and intrigue, stories that will reflect on the challenges and successes, stories that will bond you to the brave members who share part of their journey with you. 

We invite you to join your peers in following your professional compass, overcoming challenges through resilience, and reflecting on the characteristics that instill confidence in the leaders who support, inspire and motivate us to be grow together.


Rendezvous Point Discussions (3:55 - 4:10 PM)

This is What Taking Care of Yourself Really Looks Like

Andrea Elizondo, CMP, CMM, Events Director, Association of Texas Professional Educators

Wellness and mental health continue to be trending topics for association, employees and businesses in general, but what are the things that really help you recharge and gain momentum again? Come share your insights!

Books and Podcasts

Angela Russell, CMP, CAE, Associate Director, Texas Veterinarian Medicine Association  

Come share your favorite books and podcasts with your peers and colleagues. They can be business or your newest True Crime obsession.


Concurrent Education Sessions (4:15 – 5:15 PM)

Success Secrets of the Intentional Networker

Patti DeNucci, Author, and Speaker

Many networking experts suggest that going to more networking events and handing out lots of business cards are keys to networking success. That philosophy needs some serious tweaking and customizing! This interactive session covers four foundational strategies that can make your networking efforts not only more purposeful, polished, and productive, but also more effective, enjoyable, and manageable.

Charting Your DEI Data Journey

Trevor S. Mitchell, MBA, CAE, CDP, Executive Director/CEO

How do you know if your DEI strategy and initiatives are having the intended impact without data to measure your progress? Data collection through a DEI lens can be tricky to navigate. This session will aid you to understand what your organization should consider, how to begin using the data, and pitfalls to avoid.

Show Me the Money: A Non-Dues Revenue Roundtable

Brandie Baker, CAE, Executive Director, Texas & New Mexico Hospice Organization

Generating revenue from the sale of programs, products and services to your members is crucial to a healthy association. This roundtable will focus on non-dues related topics and will provide a collaborative and engaging format. Topics will be identified, problem-solved by attendees on-site. Leave with practical action items you can implement. Working in small groups, you will identify strategy, resources, or a great idea you can adopt at your organization.

A Conversation with ASAE’s CEO Michelle Mason

Michele Mason, CAE, CEO, ASAE
Steven Stout, CAE FASAE, TSAE

After a year in her new position at ASAE, CEO Michelle Mason talks with Steven Stout about the state and future of associations, the obstacles, and challenges of moving from the pandemic and what insights she gained her first year.  At the moment, ASAE is in the process of implementing a three-year strategy grounded in deepening member engagement and strengthening the overall value proposition for our community.  Join us for this casual, but comprehensive conversation!    

Providing Ethical Leadership:  Learning to be the Best Version of Yourself

Allison M. McLeod, LL.M., CPA, Attorney-at-Law

By examining the lives of ordinary people whose moral courage had a significant impact on those around them, we will examine critical qualities of an ethical leader. This session will look the qualities a leader must exhibit to set an ethical tone. Those who make difficult or significant daily decisions, or who work in fast-paced or challenging environments will benefit from this timely and insightful seminar.

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Rendezvous Point Discussions (8:15 - 8:45 AM)

Don’t Jump! Using the 5 C’s to Move from the Balcony to the Dancefloor

Paulina van Eeden Hill, CAE, Account Executive, Strategic Association Management

In our day-to-day work life, association leaders and staff spend a lot of time on the “dancefloor” – running through check lists, answering emails, promoting events and programs, and bringing in the cash. And, as adaptive leaders, we probably try to get to the balcony regularly, taking the “zoomed out” perspective as we search for systems and patterns that are working for against us as we achieve our goals. Challenges can arise when we ask our staff (or boards) to check out the view from the balcony, how do we get them to come along? The answer cannot be to jump! Brene Brown suggests there is a third space, the 5 C staircase. Together, we’ll explore the staircase and practice getting up (and down!) through scenario discussions and real-life examples.

More to Come!


General Session (9:00 – 10:00 AM)

Improving Your Culture by Seeing the Patterns

Jamie Notter, Speaker and Author, Propel

Culture is critical to attracting and retaining top talent—particularly with the great resignation in full swing. But for culture to be a real draw, you need to be more disciplined and intentional about how you cultivate and manage it. Jamie Notter has been helping associations design successful cultures for years, and in this interactive keynote he will share key insights around the dominant culture patterns that exist in associations and provide actionable advice for better aligning those patterns with your association’s success. Using audience data gathered ahead of time, we’ll work together to explore the specific patterns that are making it harder for you to keep your best people.

Jamie is an author, consultant, and culture strategist at PROPEL, where he helps leaders create amazing workplace cultures that drive breakthrough performance and impact. He brings thirty years of experience to his work designing and managing culture and has specialized along the way in areas like conflict resolution and generations. Jamie is also the co-author of three books—Humanize, When Millennials Take Over, and The Non-Obvious Guide to Employee Engagement—and holds a Master’s in conflict resolution from George Mason and a certificate in Organization Development from Georgetown, where he serves as adjunct faculty.

Rendezvous Point Discussions (10:05 - 10:25 AM)

Communications and Marketing

Heather Webb, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications  

Dialogue with your peers about your most challenging problems or obstacles or share insights and successes to inspire your peers.

Thinking about the CAE?

Alex Winslow, CAE, Director of Communications, Texas Trial Lawyers Association

Are you thinking about taking your Certified Association Executive (CAE)? Connect with a member who has recently taken the exam and ask questions about their journey and what it took to prepare and pass the exam.


Concurrent Education Sessions (10:30 – 11:30 AM)

Strategies for Becoming a More Authentic, Engaging & Confident Presenter

Patti DeNucci, Author, and Speaker

Think you have to be a professionally coached, big-stage speaker with a theatrical background to confidently deliver engaging and effective presentations?  Think again!  This session reveals stories, strategies, ideas, and mindset shifts that will help you rethink common myths, sabotaging beliefs, and outdated practices that can make presenting both stressful and ineffective. 

When a Divisive Issue Comes Knocking

Shirley Robinson, Executive Director, Texas Library Association
Wendy Woodland, Director of Advocacy & Communication, Texas Library Association

TLA maneuvered through a landmine of issues with the banning of books when state Rep. Matt Krause requested that superintendent’s catalog nearly 850 titles related to race and sex or that could produce "discomfort" among students. This session will be a conversation with Executive Director Shirley Robinson and Director of Advocacy & Communication, Wendy Woodland as they share their organization's strategy to support their association's mission as well as responding to the needs of their members.

Cha-cha-cha-changes: Turn and Face the Strange Together

Julie Marshall, CAE, CMP, DES, Meetings and Events Director, Strategic Association Management
Annette Hicks, CMP, Vice President of Meetings & Events, Texas Food & Fuel Association
Vanessa Stewart, CMP, Regional Director of Sales – Texas, VisitDallas
Gabriel Garza, Senior Sales Executive, Marriott Marquis Houston

Events have undergone a huge shift in the last two years and continue to evolve. Has your Association kept up? Join in an interactive, audience-driven discussion with a hotelier, CVB representative, and experienced meeting planners to share how we’ve worked together to address unexpected challenges, what the past 2 years have taught us, and how we are moving forward. Bring your challenges and questions to this frank discussion and leave with actionable suggestions for your own association.

CEOs Only: Strategies for Improving Culture in Today’s Environment

Jamie Notter, Speaker and Author, Propel

As a follow-on to Jamie’s keynote, he will meet with CEOs for a frank and open conversation about how to sharpen your culture in today’s changing environment. He will share insights from the trenches where organizations are quickly reshaping their approach to culture elements like customization, employee focus, and collaboration in order to keep their best people (and reduce burnout). We’ll discuss practical strategies for changing culture to be better aligned with today’s reality, as well as better positioned for the future workforce.

Communication Hacks to Improve Your Life

Angela Brutsche, Vice President of Communications & Marketing, Texas Realtors 

Do you ever get the sense that your communications just aren’t getting through? Effectively communicating with members has never been as challenging as it is today. In a time when messaging is abundant and attention is scarce, it’s increasingly important to keep our intended audience and purpose in mind as we work to provide information and resources. Learn key elements that can enhance your communications during this session, which is designed for anyone who is need of a refresher in the art of communications.

Concurrent Education Sessions (1:45 – 2:45 PM)

Move Over Robert’s Rules: Facilitation Methods for Modern Meetings

Aaron Woloweic, Author, Speaker & Strategist, Event Garde

Rules of Order established a structure for association boards and committees to engage in orderly discussion while considering complex ideas. But today’s meeting environment, because of the pandemic, virtual meetings, and increasingly collaborative/distributed teams, has caused many leaders to abandon Robert’s Rules for a less formal meeting approach. But the need for sound facilitation methods that allow participants the opportunity to think, talk, and work together (whether in-person or virtually) in a safe space for all to share their unique perspectives is no less important. This session will introduce fundamental facilitation competencies, including participatory/inclusive environments, context/aims, creativity, and documentation, that can be applied to your next 1:1, staff, committee, or board meeting.

Meaningful Member Engagement: Providing Value with Changing Expectations

Cathi Hight, Hight Performance

Even before the pandemic, engaging a higher percentage of members was a challenge due to diverse interests and needs, busy schedules, and meeting ROI expectations. The pandemic disrupted business, impacted the livelihood for people, and changed expectations to engage. After conducting numerous surveys, insights on why members engage, how they define “meaningful engagement”, and what would increase their engagement have been identified. As you prepare to re-engage your members, stop, and consider what to bring back, do differently, or create new. In this session, you’ll explore the different motivations for members to join, engage, and renew, insights from member surveys on why they engage, “meaningful engagement,” and what would increase engagement and how to provide value and meet changing expectations.

The Burnout Epidemic: A Discussion on Practical Takeaways

Leslie Midgley, CAE, Executive Vice President and CEO, Texas Land Title Association
Theresa Parsons, CAE, CMP, Executive Director, Texas Council of Administrators of Special Education
Christopher Williston, VI, CAE, President & CEO, Independent Bankers Association of Texas

In her new book, Jennifer Moss argues current strategies are getting it all wrong – that self-care won’t cure burnout and organizations need to entirely rethink their approach to wellness. Listen in as three CEOs discuss Moss’s approaches and resolutions to the growing phenomenon that is stunting an organization’s ability to thrive, innovative and create a workplace environment that empowers employees to grow as leaders.

Must be Present to Win:  Preparing for the 2023 Legislative Session

David Mintz, CAE, Vice President of Government Affairs
Andy Teas, CAE, Profession, Houston Community College  

Successful advocacy doesn’t happen by accident.  The Texas Legislature meets for only 180 days every two years, so you have to be ready to hit the ground running when the session convenes.   What steps should you need taking now to ensure you’re ready when legislators come to Austin in January.


Deep Dive Education Session (1:45 – 3:45 PM*)

From Burning Out To Burning Bright: How the New Science of Purpose & Belonging Can Help You Find, Recruit, and Retain Top Talent.

Tim Klein, LCSW, Teaching Fellow at Harvard University and Lecturer at Boston College

Even pre-pandemic, many people were working harder than ever to get ahead in the workplace, while feeling disengaged and questioning their purpose and calling. Covid-19 amplified these struggles. 51% of workers are actively looking for a new job, even in the face of a pending recession. This reflects a more global crisis: more than half of workers suffer from burnout and 80% say the pandemic has taken a personal toll. In response, millions have quit their jobs in what has been dubbed the Great Resignation.

In this highly interactive talk, business leaders will learn why we don’t have to do “more” to better support our people. Instead, we must simply provide people the space to reflect and reconnect to why they came to their work in the first place. In doing so, not only will this change employees personal experience, it will change the culture and climate of the workplace as well.

Join a clinical therapist, counselor, and entrepreneur as he shares award-winning work on purpose and belonging. He will show how what’s good for people is also good for business. Tim will unpack the science of purpose and share why purpose-driven employees are more engaged and successful in their work and more likely to be thriving in their lives.

Attendees will come away with evidence-based best practices and tangible strategies they can immediately implement in their roles. Klein will show every participant how to transform their organizations, and their people by tapping into the power of purpose-belong informed leadership.

*Attending the Deep Dive prohibits you from participating in an excursion. Deep Dive attendees earn an additional two (2) CAE hours.

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Rendezvous Point Discussions (8:00 - 8:25 AM)

Brainstorming and Gathering Ideas

Kate Johanns, CAE, ATPE Marketing & Communications Director

What approaches or activities do you take to get your team to contribute new ideas? Share your input on the things you do you support creative thinking and problem solving.

Action Items: What New Ideas are you Putting into Place?

Esmeralda Gonzalez, CAE, Education Manager, Texas Association of School Business Officials

After two days of learning and networking, what have you decided to take back to the office. What action items are you exploring? Finalize those, say them out loud and build a plan so you follow through.


Concurrent Education Sessions (8:30 – 9:30 AM)

Uncomfortable Conversations with Meeting Professionals

Angela Feinstein, HelmsBriscoe

How are you are navigating the challenges disrupting the meeting industry post pandemic?  During this interactive session, attendees will come together to share solutions. Get insight from a seasoned meeting professional will share client solutions that have been successful. Topics will include program redesigns to get an RFP response, communication breakdowns, how to meet increased FB minimum demands without blowing the association budget and work arounds for associations with rising guest room rates. Submit your questions and don’t miss out on what promises to be a lively discussion with some valuable take-aways.

Creating a Meaningful Employee Engagement Experience

JJ Colburn, CAE, co-CEO, Strategic Association Management

The Great Resignation. Hybrid work environments. Economic challenges. Navigating the changing needs of employees and maintaining engagement has become an increasingly complicated endeavor for CEOs and senior leadership. While employee expectations and needs are varied and complex, people still site that lack of recognition as a top reason they leave their organizations.  Lack of professional development/opportunities is a close second! The ways in which we create and communicate an employee experience built on a culture of meaningful recognition, incentives, and development us critically important, now more than ever. Learn how our organization approached the process of creating a comprehensive plan by exploring 8 key elements of the employee experience.  In this session, we’ll cover each of the areas in depth, outline the process we used and facilitate the first step with you to create your own plan for your organization.

Enhancing Professional Agility

Dr. Stevie Dawn, CEO, Stevie Dawn Inspires, LLC

Our society is changing at a more rapid pace than ever before. With the rise of change comes the need for adaptable leaders. People who have the ability to be flexible within situations, to be agile. Professional agility is a necessary skill for all leaders in today’s workplace. The ability to be agile in a variety of ways. To understand stakeholders and differing perspectives. To be able to read situations and the politics that exist. In this workshop, we will discuss the 4 different types of leadership agility and how they can improve current leadership styles. Participants will learn a variety of tools that they can use on a daily basis to not only improve their agility, but also the agility of their team.

When to Call the Lawyers: Common Legal Issues for Associations

Jonathan Blum, Attorney, Shareholder, Polsinelli PC

Associations, just like most businesses, have legal needs. Some associations use outside counsel extensively, while other may use attorneys infrequently. This session will address the most common association issues and when and how to use outside counsel to help address those issues.

The Future of Talent

Julia Lyons-Ryle, Performance Specialist, Insperity

We know you’re feeling it. What can you do to compete in this climate to find new talent and retain your workforce without breaking the bank? It’s not JUST about the money. Identifying what makes your workplace and culture unique and leveraging your employer brand can help you recruit great new talent. Join us to hear what employees really want and for ideas to stand out in the war for talent.


Closing Brunch Session (9:45 – 11:00 AM)

Kintsukuroi: On Empathy and Other Things

Andre Bradford, Slam Poet

Join national champion slam poet Andre Bradford aka S.C. Says for an entertaining, thought provoking, and moving performance centered around the power of empathy. This will be dynamic dive into the topics of diversity appreciation, mental health awareness, and the beauty in small acts of kindness all looked at through the lens of creating a more empathetic campus and world. You'll laugh, you'll snap, you might shed a tear or two, and you'll never look at empathy the same way again.

Andre Bradford, a.k.a. S.C. Says, is an Austin based slam poet who has been performing slam poetry since 2013. He has toured and featured at venues and universities across the country, and his work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Write About Now, The Edge radio, The Culture Trip, and Blavity. He is a two-time Austin Poetry Slam Champion, a three-time Texas Grand Slam Finalist, and is the author of the upcoming book Golden Brown Skin. He also once popped a bag of popcorn without burning a single kernel, which is arguably one of his greatest achievements. His poetry covers a gamut of topics ranging from being mixed race, to gun control, to mental health awareness, to never settling in relationships. Slam poetry is an art form he loves due to its raw vulnerability and its ability to cultivate transparency and dialogues into many different walks of life.


CAE Hours: 7
Additional Hours from Deep Dive: 1

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