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2016 Education

Tech Talks will offer more than five hours of targeted education in the areas of technology and communications for those working at small and mid-sized associations. Tech Talks is not for the large association IT director, full time webmaster, or database guru. It is for the CEOs, Marketing and Communications Directors, Membership Managers, Associate Directors, HR/Finance professionals, etc. who wear many hats and want to improve their knowledge and grow their technology and communication skills. Schedule subject to change.

2017 sessions will be posted in January. 

General Session Breakfast (9:00 – 10:00 am)

Using Google Docs for Superior Association Collaboration & Organization

Crystal Washington, Author and Speaker
You've heard of Google Docs and are probably using them personally or professionally. But are you using the advanced features? Discover hot tips and learn how to put to use Google Docs to organize your member communication, projects, and event planning.

Concurrent Education Sessions (10:15 – 11:30 am)

GenerationTech: Bridging the Digital Gap

Crystal Washington, Author and Speaker
In an increasingly digital world, busy Gen Xers, Gen Y, and Millennials demand organizational efficiency that is streamlined through technology. Meanwhile, Boomer and Traditionalist members want the face-to-face and tangible association benefits that have made the organization successful for years. How do you juggle these groups’ preferences? In this high-energy workshop, attendees will discover how to create interactive experiences that appeal across generations.

Project Management 101: Where to Begin?!

Trevor Mitchell, CAE, Director of Membership & Strategy, American Mensa, LTD.
"Project Management" invokes various reactions. But with all the demands on associations, having a process that assists in organizing staff, volunteers, and resources can be beneficial. This session will focus on the first steps in adopting a project management process that fits your organizational needs.  We will also break down the myths and complexity so you leave with the knowledge to implement a process when you get back to the office.

My Website Makes Me Go “AAAAARRRGG!” Now What?

Justin Burniske, Senior IT Manager, fusionSpan
Your website is your digital storefront, and when it’s broken, it’s like getting vandalized. Unfortunately, you cannot just paint over the issue. This session will review approaches for evaluating the current state of your website, identify the root causes of your problem, and explain your options. This session is intended for small staff associations without a dedicated IT person on staff and a limited IT budget. You will be provided with a worksheet to help you start to assess your current system and its limitations.

The Data Puzzle: Creating Insights and Intelligence

Kevin Novak, CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, 2040 Digital, LLC
Learn how your organization can begin to harness the communications, marketing, membership, digital, and core internal business data you collect in order to produce insights that are relevant, actionable, and truly beneficial! This session will focus on the internal obstacles, critical data questions, and thoughts on how to design a data and analytics strategy that maximizes value and fits with your organization.

Lunch and “Geeks Who Drink” Tech Trivia Challenge! (12:30 – 1:30 pm)

Challenge your colleagues or work together to win the ultimate tech trivia game! Working collaboratively and show off your tech savvy and win cool prizes. Quizmasters from Geeks Who Drink will make this an entertaining and exciting event and have you ready to wow your colleagues back at the office with your new tech trivia knowledge.

Concurrent Education Sessions (1:45 – 3:00 pm)

Media Relations for the Non-Media Professional: Creating Press Opportunities

Stacy Armijo, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Austin & San Antonio, Pierpont Communications
Alicia Inns, Reporter, KXAN
Nicole Villalpando, Specialty EditorAustin American-Statesman

Find out how media works today in our fast-paced environment where speed, relevance, and “clickability” win the day. This session will include a panel of media representatives from television and print to help non-media professionals understand how their organizations can engage with the media of today to advance their missions.

IT is Everyone’s Business

Trevor Mitchell, CAE, Director of Membership & Strategy, American Mensa, LTD.
In today’s world, you can’t claim “technology isn’t my job” and expect success for your organization. It’s imperative for you to understand your role and how to leverage it for IT success to meet both technology and overall organizational strategy priorities. No matter if your association has an in-house IT team, outsourced IT solution, or IT spread across various positions with no clear leader, you’ll learn how to work in partnership with IT, how to assist with and create a technology strategy, how to create buy in from stakeholders, and how to drive momentum for your technology projects to achieve success, no matter what your titles says. This session is designed to focus primarily on non-technology professionals.

How Data Management is Like Gardening

Justin Burniske, Senior IT Manager, fusionSpan
Like a garden, your database requires constant upkeep and maintenance to ensure you have useful data to “harvest.” This session will walk you through the steps to growing and maintaining your data garden. Quality data requires a lot of work and is not something that just happens. Learn how the desired outcome drives the way the data is being managed and a step-by-step process for maintaining quality data.

Extreme Webinar Makeover: Association Edition

Kelly George, CAE, Director of Distance Learning, SeminarWeb
Are your webinars in need of a serious renovation? Learn how to enhance your overall online education strategy by reconstructing the various elements of a comprehensive approach to online CE, from platform and scheduling, to content and marketing. You'll learn a variety of best practices to improve your virtual trainings plus hear success stories about other associations who have built their online education into a significant source of non-dues revenue.

Concurrent Education Sessions (3:15 – 4:30 pm)

Online Community: The Center of Your Marketing Ecosystem

Matt Ott, Director of Community Solutions Marketing, Small World Labs
Your online community isn’t an island. It is the online manifestation of your mission and one of the best opportunities you have to help your organization succeed. This session will examine how you can fully integrate your community into your marketing initiatives in a way that strengthens all of your efforts.
The session will illustrate how properly constructed direct marketing with strong calls to action, “open" communities, consistent social media efforts, and a robust content calendar can all work together to make your community, and you, more successful.

The Explosion of Social Media Advertising and What it Means to You

Tara Morrow, Online Marketing Manager, TradeMark Media
Social media advertising is quickly becoming a powerful player in the online advertising game and one of the only ways to guarantee your posts get noticed. This session will explore social media's proactive targeting approach, including advanced targeting options, reliable conversion tracking, and prevalence on mobile devices so you can get your events, cause, or association noticed.

Project Management: Using Outlook/Excel, BaseCamp & Teamwork to Work Smarter

Francine A. Johannesen, Executive Director, Texas Academy of General Dentistry (moderator)
Gary Hines, Vice-President of Operations, Southern Gas Association

Trevor Mitchell, CAE, Director of Membership & Strategy, American Mensa, LTD.
Andrea Richeson, COO & VP of User Experience, TradeMark Media
With all the demands on associations, having a process that assists in organizing staff, volunteers, and resources can be beneficial. This session will focus on the tools that can help you manage your projects. Listen as three panelists talk about their experience with three distinct platforms: Teamwork, BaseCamp, and Microsoft Outlook/Excel. You will learn key elements of each that may help you decide if one of these platforms fits your organizational needs.

Turn Website Visitors into Organization Advocates

D. Christopher Scavo, Digital Marketing Strategist, Informz
Are visitors treating your website like a drive-thru? Sending emails that direct subscribers to your website is great, but what do they do when they get there?  Identifying how users interact with your website will help you target messaging to both current subscribers and prospective members more effectively. Learn how web activity can measure campaign effectiveness and provide insight into the topics that matters most to your audience.  You’ll also gain an understanding of how web tracking functionality can create actionable target groups that drive engagement and content utilization.

Bonus On-Demad Webinar

Get an added bonus education session with a complimentary on-demand webinar recorded just for Tech Talks attendees following the event (includes 1 CAE hour).

Nerd Know-How: Using Online Platforms for Board Meetings and More!

Beth Ziesines, Your Nerdy Best Friend
It’s not uncommon to have a few board members miss a meeting because they have a conflict or are travelling. You probably have thought about using online platforms like Blab, Zoom, Google Hangout or WebEx to connect with them, but it’s frightening to put your trust in a system. Today’s technology offers more platforms than ever, but with more options comes an overwhelming amount options to consider. Join Your Nerdy Best Friend Beth Z as she walks you through various platforms, their features, prices, and capabilities to help you figure out which platforms will work for your members.


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