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Call for 2016 Volunteers!

Want to get more involved in your professional association? TSAE is looking for volunteers to serve on 2016 Committees and Task Forces. Volunteering is a great way to meet new members, give back to the association, use your skills and experience, and develop leadership skills. From ongoing year-long commitments to one-time in-person facilitation, we offer a variety of opportunities.

In addition to the opportunities listed below, we may also need volunteers to serve on-site at events or on newly formed task forces or focus groups. Watch the monthly President's Update for any new volunteer positions that may arise during the year.

Not in Austin and concerned about attending in person? Don't worry, you can call into many of these meetings. 

Please review the key responsibilities, time commitments, and qualifications and select one or more areas you would like to be considered for. Call for 2016 volunteers ends December 31; members will be contacted in January with their placement.

Awards Task Force

Key Responsibilities:

Dates and Times: One two-hour meeting in June. Requires some pre-work narrowing down the candidates prior to meeting.

Qualifications: TSAE member for at least one year.


CAE Study Course Facilitator

Key Responsibilities:

Dates and Times: The CAE Study Course is offered twice a year on Wednesday afternoon from 2:30 – 4:30 pm at the TSAE office. Spring Course is held February 3 through April 27; Fall Course is held August 31 through November 9.

Qualifications: Must be a current CAE, can be a co-facilitator.


Content Expert Speaker/Presenter

Key Responsibilities:

Dates and Times: Dependent on event date. 

Qualifications: Association executive/staff content expert with experience conducting presentations or trainings. Note: If you are a vendor or affiliate member, who would like to speak at an event please fill out the Education RFP and not this form.

Complete Content Expert Speaker/Presenter Volunteer Form


Membership Renewal Task Force

Key Responsibilities:

Dates and Times: During the month of May only. Go at your own pace calling.

Qualifications: Good phone etiquette, friendly personality, and a TSAE evangilist. 

Membership Strategy Task Force

Key Responsibilities:

Dates and Times: Meet at TSAE office once In February and once in July. Meetings are each approximately one (1) hour long. May call into meetings. 

Qualifications: Previous experience in membership/marketing.

New Member Orientation Task Force

Key Responsibilities:

Dates and Times: Quarterly orientations lasting one (1) hour each, plus 3-4 conference calls or physical meetings throughout the year, as needed.

Qualifications: Outgoing, comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, been a member of TSAE for more than one (1) year and attended at least two (2) events/programs.

Complete Membership Volunteer Form


Magazine Committee

Key Responsibilities:

Dates and Times: Committee meets six (6) times per year (one meeting per issue). Each meeting is approximately one hour, except for one annual editorial planning meeting in July that is approximately four hours.

Qualifications: Association Executive or Affiliate with broad experience or ability to look at the larger picture of association management.

magazine Writers/Contributors

Key Responsibilities:

Dates and Times: Dependent on magazine issue. Content typically due 10 weeks before issue date.

Qualifications: Experience as a writer or topic expert. Not required to serve on Magazine Committee. 

Complete Magazine Volunteer Form

Mentoring: Leadership TSAE

Key Responsibilities:

Dates and Times: Most time will focus on scheduled meeting times decided by the mentor/protégé. Ideally, one hour, once a month either face to face or via phone is preferred. See the full calendar and requirements on the Leadership TSAE Mentoring page


Complete Leadership TSAE Mentor Volunteer Form

New Ideas Conference Task Force Members

Key Responsibilities:

Dates and Times: Task force members meet 2-3 times in person for 1 ½-2 hours. Reviewing proposals may take 1-2 hours on your own time.

Qualifications: Been a past attendee of New Ideas Conference. 

Complete New Ideas Conference Task Force Volunteer Form

Online Community Contributor

Key Responsibilities:

Dates and Times: Ongoing

Qualifications: Experience using communities, message boards, or online forums.

Complete Online Community Contributor Volunteer Form

Peer-to-Peer Facilitator

Key Responsibilities:

Dates and Times: They are one (1) hour in length and reoccur four (4) times throughout the year. All held on Thursdays. Note: You do not have to facilitate all four dates for your selected topic. 

Qualifications: Association Executive with area/topic knowledge preferred. Some facilitation skills needed; session can be co-facilitated.

Complete Peer-to-Peer Facilitator Volunteer Form